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Siphocampe minuta

Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Artostrobiidae -> Siphocampe -> Siphocampe minuta
Sister taxa: S. acephala, S. altamontensis, S. arachnea, S. bassilis, S. daseia, S. elizabethae, S. grantmackiei, S. imbricata, S. lineata, S. minuta, S. modeloensis, S. nodosaria, S. pachyderma, S. quadrata, S. septata, S. stathmeporoides, S. sp.


Citation: Siphocampe minuta (Clark and Campbell 1942)
taxonomic rank: species
Basionym: Lithocampe minuta Hull, 1996
Taxonomic discussion: (Clark and Campbell), 1942, p. 93, pl.9, fig.17, as Lithocampe; Hull, 1996 (ODP 151SR) p.141, pl.8, fig. 7-9

Catalog entries: Lithocampe minuta

Original description: Shell small, smooth, with only faint strictures, thimble-shaped, and with a toothed margin; shell divided in five joints or segments; apical segment longer than the others (approximately 0.45 total length), somewhat asymmetrically shaped, much like a finger-cot, its apex rounded, its apical half almost conical or domelike, the proximal remainder nearly cylindrical, with six tiers of extremely small, well-separated pores; remaining segments of shell four in number, circular, gradually increasing in diameter and width toward the aperture save the last one which bears the contracted aperture, the contour unaltered at the lines of union between the segments which are faint lines and chiefly marked by the rows of rather prominent pores; one row of pores on the upper edge of each segment, about twenty pores in a row, these pores well-separated, very small although larger than those of the apical segment, oval, wall otherwise hyaline and subuniformly thin, perhaps a little thicker in the ultimate segment; last segment of shell contracted, but the maximum diameter of the shell is reached at its upper margin, its opening the shell aperture; margin of aperture with approximately twenty, small, incurved, conical teeth.
Remarks on original description: [The authors here list this species under the subgeneric name Lithocampula and include the subgeneric name in the species name.


Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Paleogene Period (23.03-66.04Ma, top in Chattian stage). Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "P age group"
First occurrence (base): within Paleogene Period (23.03-66.04Ma, base in Danian stage). Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "P age group"

Plot of occurrence data:


Clark, B. L. & Campbell, A. S. (1942a). Eocene radiolarian faunas from the Mt. Diablo area, California. Geological Society of America, Special Papers. 39: 1-112. gs

Hull, D. M. (1996). Paleoceanography and Biostratigraphy of Paleogene Radiolarians From the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results. 151: 125-152. gs


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