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Spirocyrtis scalaris

Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Artostrobiidae -> Spirocyrtis -> Spirocyrtis scalaris
Sister taxa: S. greeni, S. gyroscalaris, S. scalaris, S. subscalaris, S. subtilis, S. sp.


Citation: Spirocyrtis scalaris Haeckel 1887
taxonomic rank: species
Basionym: Spirocyrtis scalaris
1887 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Haeckel p. 1509; pl. 76, fig. 14
1887 ?Spirocyrtis cornutella - Haeckel p. 1509; pl. 76, fig. 13
1913 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Popofsky p. 406-408; text-figs. 128-130
1966 Siphocampium cf. cornutella - Benson p. 523-527; pl. 35, figs. 15-17 (not 14); text-fig. 28
1967 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Nigrini p. 88-90; pl. 8, fig. 7; pl. 9, fig. 4
1971 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Petrushevskaya p. 237 fig. 126, I-IV
1971 ?Spirocyrtis cornutella - Petrushevskaya p. 237 fig. 126, V-VIII
1971 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Riedel and Sanfilippo p. 1601; pl. 1G, figs. 25-27
1974 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Renz p. 795; pl. 17, fig. 16
1976 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Renz p. 142; pl. 6, fig. 1
1977 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Nigrini p. 259; pl. 2, figs. 12-13
1980 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Johnson and Nigrini p. 135; pl. 4, fig. 9
1981 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Takahashi and Honjo p. 154; pl.10, fig. 15
1983 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Benson p. 508
1984 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Nishimura and Yamauchi p. 65; pl. 40, figs. 6, 9, 10, 14
1991 Spirocyrtis scalaris - Takahashi p. 127; pl. 44, figs. 1-2
1995 Botryostrobus scalaris - van de Paverd p. 254; pl. 77, figs. 1-4
1998 Spirocyrtis scalaris group - Boltovskoy fig. 15.166
Taxonomic discussion: Haeckel 1887; Nigrini 1977; Alexandrovich 1989 (ODP 111 SR) pl.3 fig.14

Catalog entries: Spirocyrtis scalaris

Original description: Shell conical, gradually dilating towards the wide open mouth, with ten to twelve spiral convolutions, which correspond to the same number of short and broad chambers or joints, gradually increasing in breadth; all joints form together a spirally winding staircase. The length or height of the single joints or stairs is about equal, and each bears four or five transverse rows of small, square pores. Cephalis flat, cap-shaped, with two or three short divergent horns.
Remarks on original description: Haeckel listed Spirocyrtis scalaris under the subgeneric name Spirocyrtidium, but did not include the subgeneric name in the species name.[comment from RadWorld database]


Published descriptions

Benson 1966 - Spirocyrtis scalaris

Benson, 1966, p. 523-527; pl. 35, figs. 15-17 (not 14); text-fig. 28:Siphocampium cf. cornutella HaeckelAbdominal joints generally of small unequal lengths, but in a few tests some are relatively long. Joints of most tests inflated truncate-conical or cylindrical, in a few tests with straight sides and angular constrictions between them.

Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): Extant. Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "R age group"
First occurrence (base): within Quaternary Period (0.00-2.59Ma, base in Gelasian stage). Data source: Lazarus et al. 2015 - "R age group"

Plot of occurrence data:


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Missing or ambiguous references: Petrushevskaya 1971;


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