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P has 138 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 Pachys :: 2 Petalo :: 3 Plecto :: 4 Pteroc
Pachysphaera Brandt 1902

Pachysphaera globosa
Pachysphaera octofurcata

Palaeotetrapyle Dumitrica 1988

Palaeotetrapyle muelleri

Panarium Haeckel 1882

Panarium annularium
Panarium artophorum
Panarium facettarium
Panarium penultimum
Panarium pipettarium
Panarium tubularium

Panartus Haeckel 1887

Panicium Haeckel 1887

Panicium amphacanthum
Panicium amphistylus
Panicium coronatum
Panicium scoparium

Paracenodiscus Krasheninnikov 1960

Paracenodiscus circumtextus
Paracenodiscus familiaris
Paracenodiscus normalis
Paracenodiscus sonatus

Paradictyum Haeckel 1882
= Paradictyum

Lophocyrtis (Paralampterium) Sanfilippo 1990

Parastephanus Haeckel 1882

Parastephanus asymmetricus
Parastephanus circularis
Parastephanus dispar
Parastephanus quadrispinus

Parastephus Haeckel 1882

Paratympanium Haeckel 1882

Paratympanum Haeckel 1887

Paratympanum decastylum
Paratympanum hexastylum
Paratympanum octostylum

Patagospyris Haeckel 1882

Patagospyris anthocyrtis
Patagospyris lanceolata

Pelagomanes Trubovitz et al. 2022
= Pelagomanes

Pentactinosphaera Nagata & Nishimura, in Nakaseko et al. 1983
= Pentactinosphaera
Pentactinosphaera codonia

Pentactura Haeckel 1882

Pentactura astropecten

Pentadiscus Moksyakova 1965

Pentadiscus cornutus

Pentalastrum Haeckel 1882

Pentalastrum asteracanthion
Pentalastrum astropecten
Pentalastrum cometa
Pentalastrum ophidiaster

Pentaplagia Cachon & Cachon 1969

Pentaplagia haeckeli

Pentaplegma Haeckel 1882

Pentapylonium Dumitrica 1991
= Pentapylonium
Pentapylonium implicatum

Pentasolenia Ehrenberg 1861

Pentasolenia sphaera [nomen nudum]

Pentaspyris Haeckel 1882

Pentaspyris isacantha
Pentaspyris karyokephalis
Pentaspyris papillosa
Pentaspyris paradoxa
Pentaspyris pentacantha

Pentinastrum Haeckel 1882

Pentinastrum asteriscus
Pentinastrum goniaster
Pentinastrum irregulare
Pentinastrum pentacephalum

Pentophiastrum Haeckel 1887

Pentophiastrum caudatum
Pentophiastrum dicranastrum
Pentophiastrum forcipatum

Periarachnium Haeckel 1882
= Periarachnium
Periarachnium pauliani
Periarachnium periplectum

Perichlamydium Ehrenberg 1846
= Perichlamydium
Perichlamydium aequale
Perichlamydium hirtum
Perichlamydium irregulare
Perichlamydium irregulare jh
Perichlamydium radiatum
Perichlamydium saturnus
Perichlamydium scutaeforme
Perichlamydium spirale
Perichlamydium spongiosum
Perichlamydium venustum

Peridium Haeckel 1887
= Archiperidium

Peripanarium Haeckel 1887

Peripanarium cenoconicum
Peripanarium cenocylindricum

Peripanartus Haeckel 1887

Peripanartus amphiconus
Peripanartus atractus
Peripanartus cylindrus
Peripanartus irregularis
Peripanartus laevigatus
Peripanartus pachystylus
Peripanartus palliatus

Peripanicium Haeckel 1887

Peripanicium amphicorona
Peripanicium coronarium

Periphaena Ehrenberg 1874
= Periphaena
Periphaena cincta
Periphaena decora
Periphaena delta

Periplecta Haeckel 1882

Periplecta cortina
Periplecta monocyrtis
Periplecta pteroscenium

Peripyramis Haeckel 1882
= Peripyramis
Peripyramis ceratophorus
Peripyramis circumtexta
Peripyramis spongiosa

Perispirella Loeblich & Tappan 1961

Perispongidium Haeckel 1882

Perispyris Haeckel 1882

Perispyris bicincta
Perispyris lentellipsis
Perispyris spongiosa

= Peritiviator
Peritiviator dumitricai
Peritiviator labyrinthi

Perizona Haeckel 1882

Perizona pterygota
Perizona scutella

Peromelissa Haeckel 1882
= Peromelissa
Peromelissa calva
Peromelissa phalacra
Peromelissa psilocrana

P has 138 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 Pachys :: 2 Petalo :: 3 Plecto :: 4 Pteroc


Citation: P
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



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