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Sciadiocapsa ptesimolecis

Citation: Sciadiocapsa ptesimolecis Foreman 1968
Rank: species
Type locality: LL10; LL459; LL460; LL461
Type age (chronostrat): Late Cretaceous, Mesozoic.
Type specimens: pl.7, fig.3; text-fig.1, figs.2a, b
Type repository: Holotype. USNM 157968, N37/0 U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C.
Repository city: Washington
Described on page(s) : p.44

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Current identification:

Original Description
Fragile shell of three segments and a basal velum which is constricted, rarely completely closed; cephalis and thorax together short conical, and abdomen flared. Cephalis, with surface depressions and a few pores, with tiny apical spine and a small, horizontal, fragile tube. When, as is frequently the case, the tube is broken off a larger than average pore divided by a spine can be seen on the thorax immediately below the collar stricture. Internally, weak paired ridges extend along the cephalic wall from the apical spine to the primary lateral spines; and there are six, frequently broken, collar pores. Little or no change of contour between cephalis and thorax except ventrally. Thorax circular to elliptical in transverse section, with circular to subquadrangular pores arranged in three to four transverse rows and eleven to fifteen longitudinal rows (counted on the proximal thorax). Abdominal pores similar to those of thorax. Abdomen subcircular with greatest width (length) approximately between the right primary lateral and ventral spines, and margin, when complete, rough. Velum originates where abdomen flares (lumbar stricture?); it may be complete, forming an asymmetrical bowl-like segment without aperture, or incomplete. When incomplete the velum is developed approximately between the left primary lateral spine dorsally to the right secondary lateral spine. In the latter case the wall shortens as it approaches the two end points, so that there is no wall or only a few teeth between the right primary lateral and the vertical spine. Surface smooth with small, irregular pores tending to be arranged transversely. Velum, when viewed in profile, is almost collinear with, and appears as a continuation of, the thorax.

Size: Length of cephalis 20-5µ, of thorax 10-30µ, of velum 10-40µ; diameter of thorax 55-70µ, of greatest width of abdomen 95-118µ. Dimensions based on fifteen specimens.

Etymology: No information given

Extra details from original publication
Distinguishing features: This species is considerably smaller than S. euganea Squinabol (1904).


Foreman, H. P. (1968). Upper Maestrichtian Radiolaria of California. Special Papers in Palaeontology. 3: 1-82. gs


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