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Citation: Neowrangellium Yeh 1987
Rank: genus
Described on page(s) : 65

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Current identification:

Original Description
Test multicyrtid, conical or spindle-shaped. Cephalis dome-shaped or conical, with horn (when well-preserved). Cephalis, thorax, and abdomen usually imperforate, covered with layer of microgranular silica and separated from each other by one row of small pores. Post-abdominal chambers closely spaced with strictures at joints. Test wall double-layered. Inner latticed layer consisting of three rows of regular pentagonal and hexagonal pore frames. Outer layer of test wall with microgranular silica only partly covering on post-abdominal chambers on central row of pore frames. Two rows of pore frames adjacent to circumferential ridges remaining open but subdivided by thin bars into small pores. Ridges with prominent massive beads surrounding with short, radiating bars and small circular pores.

Etymology: From the Latin neo = new, and Wrangellium.

Editors' Notes
Neowrangellium n. gen., differs from Canoptum s.s. Pessagno (1979) by having a test with a horn on cephalis, by having inner latticed layer of test wall with three rows of regular pentagonal and hexagonal pore frames rather than several rows of irregular polygonal pore frames, and by having circumferential ridges with bead-linked pattern. Neowrangellium n. gen., differs from Paracanoptum n. gen., by having a horn on the cephalis, by lacking a tubular extension at the final post-abdominal chamber, by having post-abdominal chambers with bead-linked pattern along the circumferential ridges rather than with H-linked pattern, and by having microgranular silica layer only covering the central row of pore frames in each post-abdominal chamber rather than covering all three rows of pore frames in each post-abdominal chamber and circumferential ridges (when specimens are well-preserved). Neowrangellium n. gen., is compared with Wrangellium Pessagno and Whalen under the latter genus.
Stratigraphic range:Late Pliensbachian or older to Early Toarcian or younger. Early Jurassic.


Yeh, K. (1987a). A revised classification for family Canoptidae (Radiolaria). Memoir of the Geological Society of China. 8: 63-72. gs


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