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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Carpocryptocapsa Petrushevskaya 1981

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Citation: Carpocryptocapsa Petrushevskaya 1981
taxonomic rank: genus
Described on page(s) : 257

Current identification:

Original Description

Two-segmented carpocaniid. Cephalis typical of carpocaniids, with additional lobes differentiated. Eucephalic chamber entirely immersed inside the shell. No apical horn. The additional lobes, surrounding the eucephalic chamber, are not completely distinguished from the thorax, or from each other; this characteristic distinguishes this genus from the other carpocaniids, in which there is at least some sort of differentiation. Cephalo-thorax ellipsoidal, or irregular, for example curved, or bean-like. Approximately 15-20 rows of pores, separated by longitudinal ribs on half the circumference of the shell. Nearly 20 pores per row. A peristome may be differentiated and separated by a septum. Peristome funnel-shaped with a porous wall. When there is no peristome, the aperture may be closed by a meshwork, or funnel-shaped. (In Russian. Translated by J.P.C.)

No information given.

Editors' Notes
The species, related to this genus, have nothing in common with Cryptocapsa tricyclia Rüst, 1885 –type species of the genus Cryptocapsa (p.192) to which they were related earlier (Foreman, 1968). The genus Carpocryptocapsa is more related to the genera Carpocanium and Myllocercion from which they differ, besides the structure of the cephalis, by the various shapes of the second segment and a various differentiation of the peristome. It is possible that Carpocryptocapsa may have originated from forms with a cephalis not separated from the thorax, and with internal spicules agglomerated as a nucleo-axopodial complex.

Stratigraphic range: Cretaceous - Paleogene. Cenozoic.

Tropical and temperate latitudes.



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