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Buryella alifera Kozlova 1983

Buryella clinata Foreman 1973
= Buryella clinata
Buryella dumitricai Petrushevskaya 1977
= Buryella dumitricai
Buryella foremanae Petrushevskaya 1977
= Buryella foremanae
Buryella hannae Bak & Barwicz-Piskorz 2006

Buryella helenae O'Connor 2001
= Buryella helenae
Buryella kaikoura Hollis 1997
= Buryella kaikoura
Buryella longa Kozlova 1999

Buryella pentadica Foreman 1973
= Buryella pentadica
Buryella petrushevskayae O'Connor 2001
= Buryella petrushevskayae
Buryella spina Bak & Barwicz-Piskorz 2006

Buryella tetradica Foreman 1973
= Buryella tetradica
Buryella tridica O'Connor 2001


Citation: Buryella Foreman 1973
Rank: genus
Type species: Buryella tetradica Foreman 1973 ?
Described on page(s) : 433
Family (traditional): Theoperidae

Current identification/main database link: Buryella Foreman 1973

Original Description

Theoperids with a shell of four or more segments, without appendages, with at least one segment with pores arranged in transverse rows and the last segment not flared. Cephalis small with four collar pores and a vertical tube or pore at the collar stricture.

It is named for Mrs. P.S. Bury, the first woman to become interested in the study of Radiolaria, who published in 1862 ""Figures of remarkable forms of Polycystins, or allied organisms in the Barbados chalk deposit.""


Foreman, H. P. (1973b). Radiolaria of Leg 10 with systematics and ranges for the families Amphipyndacidae, Artostrobiidae, and Theoperidae. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 10: 407-474. gs O


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