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C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop
Calcaromma Thomson 1877

Calcaromma calcarea

Callimitra Haeckel 1882
= Callimitra
Callimitra agnesae
Callimitra annae
Callimitra atavia
Callimitra carolotae
Callimitra elisabethae
Callimitra emmae
Callimitra sharonae
Callimitra solocicribrata

Calocyclas Ehrenberg 1847
= Calocyclas

Calocyclas (Calocycletta) Haeckel 1887
= Calocycletta
Calocycletta anekathen
Calocycletta caepa
Calocycletta cladara
Calocycletta mizunamiensis
Calocycletta parva
Calocycletta robusta
Calocycletta serrata

Calocyclas (Calompterium) Clark & Campbell 1945

Calosphaera Campbell 1951

Calpophaena Haeckel 1887

Calpophaena enneaphylla
Calpophaena ennearrhabda
Calpophaena hexacorethra
Calpophaena hexarrhabda
Calpophaena pentarrhabda
Calpophaena tetracorethra
Calpophaena tetrarrhabda

Caminosphaera Haeckel 1887

Caminosphaera dendrophora
Caminosphaera dichotoma
Caminosphaera elongata
Caminosphaera furcata

Campylacantha Jørgensen 1905

Campylacantha cladophora

Cannartidium (Cannartidissa) Haeckel 1887

Cannartidium mastophorum

Cannartidium Haeckel 1887

Cannartidium amphicanna
Cannartidium amphiconicum
Cannartidium amphicylindrum
Cannartidium bassanii
Cannartidium bicinctum
Cannartidium mammiferum

Cannartiscus Haeckel 1887

Cannartiscus amphiconiscus
Cannartiscus canavarii
Cannartiscus marylandicus

Cannartus Haeckel 1882
= Cannartus
Cannartus biscottus
Cannartus bitubulus
Cannartus haeckelianus
Cannartus laticonus
Cannartus petterssoni
Cannartus sp. C of Sakai (1980)
Cannartus sp. E of Sakai (1980)
Cannartus violina

Cannobotrys Haeckel 1882

Cannobotrys cortina
Cannobotrys dicanna
Cannobotrys monocanna
Cannobotrys pentacanna
Cannobotrys sagittalis
Cannobotrys tetracanna
Cannobotrys tricanna

Cannosphaeropsis Wetzel 1933

Cantharospyris Haeckel 1887
= Cantharospyris
Cantharospyris carabus
Cantharospyris dospalosensis
Cantharospyris macropodus
Cantharospyris myxosomphos
Cantharospyris platybursa
Cantharospyris senaria
Cantharospyris tuberculatus

Carpocanistrum Haeckel 1887
= Carpocanistrum
Carpocanistrum acephalum
Carpocanistrum acutidentatum
Carpocanistrum azyx
Carpocanistrum brevispina
Carpocanistrum evacuatum
Carpocanistrum flosculum
Carpocanistrum giganteum
Carpocanistrum novenum

Carpocanium Ehrenberg 1846
= Carpocanium

Carpocanopsis Riedel & Sanfilippo 1971
= Carpocanopsis
Carpocanopsis ballisticum
Carpocanopsis bramlettei
Carpocanopsis cingulatum
Carpocanopsis obovata


Carpocanthum lubricum

Carpocryptocapsa Petrushevskaya 1981

Carposphaera Haeckel 1882
= Carposphaera

Caryodoras Haeckel 1882

Caryolithis Ehrenberg 1847

Caryolonche Haeckel 1882

Caryomma Haeckel 1887

Caryomma heterocyclum
Caryomma irregulare
Caryomma regulare

Caryosphaera Haeckel 1882

Caryosphaera hexalepas
Caryosphaera pentalepas
Caryosphaera polysphaerica
Caryosphaera sphaerica

Caryostaurus Haeckel 1882

Caryostylus Haeckel 1882

Caryostylus hexalepas

Caryoxiphus Haeckel 1882

Cassideus Pessagno 1969
= Cassideus
Cassideus mariae

Cecryphalium Haeckel 1882

Cecryphalium lamprodiscus
Cecryphalium sestrodiscus

Cenellipsis Haeckel 1887

Cenodiscus Haeckel 1887

Cenolarcus Haeckel 1887

Cenolarcus dimensivus
Cenolarcus lentellipticus
Cenolarcus minimus
Cenolarcus primordialis
Cenolarcus triaxonius
Cenolarcus usitatus

Cenosphaera Ehrenberg 1854
= Cenosphaera
Cenosphaera abnorma
Cenosphaera acanthica
Cenosphaera aemiliana
Cenosphaera andoi
Cenosphaera antarctica
Cenosphaera anthophora
Cenosphaera antiqua
Cenosphaera aspera
Cenosphaera bombus
Cenosphaera carnevalei
Cenosphaera caucasica
Cenosphaera caucasica caucasica
Cenosphaera celluleusa
Cenosphaera compacta
Cenosphaera compressa
Cenosphaera conicuporata
Cenosphaera contracta
Cenosphaera cornospinula
Cenosphaera coronata
Cenosphaera coronataformis
Cenosphaera crassa
Cenosphaera cristata
Cenosphaera cubanica
Cenosphaera destefanii
Cenosphaera doderleini
Cenosphaera durhami
Cenosphaera elysia
Cenosphaera eocenica
Cenosphaera eridani
Cenosphaera expansa
Cenosphaera exspinosa
Cenosphaera faceta
Cenosphaera favosa
Cenosphaera germinis
Cenosphaera gigantea
Cenosphaera givitza
Cenosphaera globosa
Cenosphaera grossheimi
Cenosphaera hexagonalis
Cenosphaera hirsuta
Cenosphaera hispida
Cenosphaera huzitai
Cenosphaera infida
Cenosphaera irregularis
Cenosphaera ispharensis
Cenosphaera jenkinsi
Cenosphaera karskaya
Cenosphaera kisilkumensis
Cenosphaera kuschnari
Cenosphaera lethe
Cenosphaera levis
Cenosphaera limpida
Cenosphaera lipmanae
Cenosphaera magna
Cenosphaera marginata
Cenosphaera mariae
Cenosphaera maxima
Cenosphaera megachile
Cenosphaera megapora
Cenosphaera melecta
Cenosphaera mellifica
Cenosphaera micra
Cenosphaera micropora
Cenosphaera minor
Cenosphaera mitgarzi
Cenosphaera nagatai
Cenosphaera nirwana
Cenosphaera oceanica
Cenosphaera papillata
Cenosphaera perforata
Cenosphaera pila
Cenosphaera plutonis
Cenosphaera politepora
Cenosphaera polygonalis
Cenosphaera porophaena
Cenosphaera porosissima
Cenosphaera primordialis
Cenosphaera problematica
Cenosphaera proserpinae
Cenosphaera regularis [homonym]
Cenosphaera reticulata
Cenosphaera riedeli
Cenosphaera rosetta
Cenosphaera semisphaerica
Cenosphaera setosa
Cenosphaera simplex
Cenosphaera singulariporata
Cenosphaera solida
Cenosphaera spinulosa
Cenosphaera subregularis
Cenosphaera subtilis
Cenosphaera taramellii
Cenosphaera tenerrima
Cenosphaera tota
Cenosphaera tubengatanica
Cenosphaera turcmenica
Cenosphaera ultragrandis
Cenosphaera valentinae
Cenosphaera varieporata
Cenosphaera veneris
Cenosphaera vesparia
Cenosphaera viminalis
Cenosphaera vulgaris
Cenosphaera yatsuoensis
Cenosphaera yosii
Cenosphaera zelentschukensis

Centracontium Popofsky 1912

Centracontium hexacontarium

Centrobotrys Petrushevskaya 1965
= Centrobotrys
Centrobotrys gravida
Centrobotrys petrushevskayae
Centrobotrys thermophila


Centrocolla asteroides

Centrocubus Haeckel 1887
= Centrocubus
Centrocubus alveolus
Centrocubus cladostylus
Centrocubus macracanthus
Centrocubus mediterranensis
Centrocubus octostylus
Centrocubus polystylus
Centrocubus ruber

C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop


Citation: C
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



C compiled by the radiolaria@mikrotax project team viewed: 19-6-2024

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