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C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop
Coccocyclia Haeckel 1882

Coccocyclia heliantha
Coccocyclia liriantha

Coccodiscus Haeckel 1862

Coccodiscus darwinii
Coccodiscus goethei
Coccodiscus lamarckii

Coccolarcus Haeckel 1887
= Coccolarcus
Coccolarcus lentellipsis
Coccolarcus oviformis
Coccolarcus platellipsis

Coccolarnacium Dumitrica 1989

Coccolarnacium periphaenoides

Coccostaurus Haeckel 1882

Coccymelium Haeckel 1887

Coinozoum Enriques 1919

Collozoum (Collophidium) Haeckel 1887

Collosphaera M├╝ller 1855
= Collosphaera

Collozoum Haeckel 1862
= Collozoum

Sethoconus (Conarachnium) Haeckel 1882
= Conarachnium
Conarachnium isozakiense
Conarachnium nigriniae
Conarachnium umachrian

Conicavus Takahashi 1991
= Conicavus
Conicavus tipiopsis

Conoactinomma Gorbunov 1979
= Conoactinomma

Conocaryomma Lipman 1969
= Conocaryomma
Conocaryomma aralensis
Conocaryomma lentis
Conocaryomma propinqua


Conophacodiscus romenicus

Conosphaera Haeckel 1882
= Conosphaera
Conosphaera clivosa
Conosphaera collinus
Conosphaera comicus
Conosphaera lamellispina
Conosphaera orthoconus
Conosphaera plagioconus
Conosphaera platyconus
Conosphaera stilloformis

Conostylus Popofsky 1907

Conostylus diploconus
Conostylus vitrosimilis

Cornutanna Haeckel 1882

Cornutanna charlestonensis
Cornutanna cyrtoconus
Cornutanna elegans
Cornutanna loxoconus
Cornutanna orthoconus

Cornutella Ehrenberg 1839
= Cornutella

Cornutura Haeckel 1882

Corocalyptra Haeckel 1887
= Corocalyptra
Corocalyptra agnesae
Corocalyptra elisabethae
Corocalyptra emmae
Corocalyptra killmari
Corocalyptra kruegeri
Corocalyptra ludovicae
Corocalyptra margarethae

Coronidium Haeckel 1887

Coronidium acacia
Coronidium cervicorne
Coronidium diadema
Coronidium dyostephanus

Coronophatna Haeckel 1882

Coronosphaera Haeckel 1887

Coronosphaera amphistoma
Coronosphaera calycina
Coronosphaera convolvulus
Coronosphaera diadema

Cortina Haeckel 1887

Cortina cervina
Cortina conifera
Cortina dendroides
Cortina furcata
Cortina tripus
Cortina typus

Cortiniscus Haeckel 1887

Cortiniscus dipylaris
Cortiniscus tetrapylaris
Cortiniscus tripodiscus
Cortiniscus tripylaris
Cortiniscus typicus

Lithomelissa (Corythomelissa) Campbell 1951
= Corythomelissa
Corythomelissa horrida
Corythomelissa omoprominentia
Corythomelissa pachyostraca
Corythomelissa spinosa

Elaphospyris (Corythospyris) Haeckel 1882
= Corythospyris
Corythospyris fiscella
Corythospyris hispida
Corythospyris jubata
Corythospyris jubata sverdrupi
Corythospyris reuschi


Coscinomma amphisiphon
Coscinomma ectosiphon
Coscinomma endosiphon
Coscinomma macrosiphon

Craspedilium Haeckel 1887

Craterocyclas Haecker 1908

Craterocyclas robustissima

Cristallosphaera Popofsky 1912

Cristallosphaera cristalloides
Cristallosphaera elongata

Cromyatractus Haeckel 1887
= Cromyatractus
Cromyatractus ceparius
Cromyatractus cepicius
Cromyatractus elegans
Cromyatractus tetracelyphus
Cromyatractus tetralepas
Cromyatractus tetraphractus

Cromydruppocarpus Campbell & Clark 1944
= Cromydruppocarpus
Cromydruppocarpus esterae

Cromyechinus Haeckel 1882
= Cromyechinus
Cromyechinus bifasciculatus
Cromyechinus dodecacanthus
Cromyechinus icosacanthus
Cromyechinus polyacanthus
Cromyechinus pycnopora

Cromyocarpus Haeckel 1887

Cromyocarpus echinatus
Cromyocarpus kenemechensis
Cromyocarpus ovalis
Cromyocarpus ovatus
Cromyocarpus quadrifarius
Cromyocarpus spinosus

Cromyodruppa Haeckel 1887
= Cromyodruppa

Cromyodrymus Haeckel 1882

Cromyodrymus abietinus
Cromyodrymus quadricuspis

Cromyomma Haeckel 1862
= Cromyomma
Cromyomma circumtextum
Cromyomma macroporum
Cromyomma mucronatum
Cromyomma perplexum
Cromyomma perspicuum
Cromyomma riedeli
Cromyomma spinulosa
Cromyomma tuberculata
Cromyomma villosum

Cromyosphaera Haeckel 1882

Cromyosphaera antarctica
Cromyosphaera bigemina
Cromyosphaera cepa
Cromyosphaera dubia
Cromyosphaera nipponica
Cromyosphaera parma
Cromyosphaera quadruplex
Cromyosphaera rosetta
Cromyosphaera scorodonium

C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop


Citation: C
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



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