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C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop
Cromyosphaerium Haeckel 1882

Cromyostaurolonche Campbell & Clark 1944

Cromyostaurolonche cruciformis

Cromyostaurus Haeckel 1882

Cromyostaurus verticillatus

Cromyostylus Haeckel 1882

Cromyostylus gladius

Crucidiscus Haeckel 1887

Crucidiscus cruciatus
Crucidiscus cuspidatus
Crucidiscus echinatus
Crucidiscus endostaurus

Cryptocapsa Haeckel 1882

Cryptocapsa bacca
Cryptocapsa pila

Cryptocarpium Sanfilippo & Riedel 1992
= Cryptocarpium

Cryptocephalus Haeckel 1882

Cryptogyrus Sugiyama 1993
= Cryptogyrus
Cryptogyrus trachylobus

Cryptolarnacium Dumitrica 1989

Cryptolarnacium hexastylus
Cryptolarnacium pauliani

Cryptopera Haeckel 1882

Cryptoprora Ehrenberg 1847
= Cryptoprora
Cryptoprora constricta
Cryptoprora fundicola [nomen nudum]
Cryptoprora ornata
Cryptoprora plutonis
Cryptoprora polyptera
Cryptoprora tumida [nomen nudum]

Cubaxonium Haeckel 1887

Cubaxonium octahedrum
Cubaxonium spongiosum

Cubosphaera Haeckel 1887

Cubosphaera concentrica
Cubosphaera cubaxonia

Cubotholonium Haeckel 1887

Cubotholonium ellipsoides
Cubotholonium polystylum
Cubotholonium sphaeroides

Cubotholus Haeckel 1887
= Cubotholus
Cubotholus octoceras
Cubotholus quadraticus
Cubotholus regularis
Cubotholus rhombicus

Cuniculiformis De Wever 1982

Cycladophora Ehrenberg 1846
= Cycladophora

Cycladophora (Cyclampterium) Haeckel 1887
= Cyclampterium
Cyclampterium brachythorax
Cyclampterium leptetrum
Cyclampterium longiventer
Cyclampterium milowi
Cyclampterium neatum
Cyclampterium pegetrum
Cyclampterium tanythorax

= Cyclastrum
Cyclastrum trifastigiatum

Cymaetron Caulet 1991
= Cymaetron
Cymaetron sinolampas

Cypassis Haeckel 1887
= Cypassis
Cypassis cingulata
Cypassis eucolpos
Cypassis halicora
Cypassis irregularis
Cypassis palliata
Cypassis puella

Cyphanta Haeckel 1887

Cyphanta (Cyphantella) Haeckel 1887

Cyphanta arachnoides
Cyphanta circopora
Cyphanta colpodes
Cyphanta hispida
Cyphanta hystrix

Cyphinidium Haeckel 1887

Cyphinidium amphistylium
Cyphinidium coronatum

Cyphinus Haeckel 1882

Cyphinus amphacanthus
Cyphinus amphilophus
Cyphinus dixiphus

Cyphocolpus Haeckel 1887

Cyphocolpus didymus
Cyphocolpus virginis

Cyphonium Haeckel 1887

Cyphonium coscinoides
Cyphonium cribellum
Cyphonium diattus
Cyphonium ethmarium
Cyphonium hexagonium
Cyphonium mammarium
Cyphonium monozonium
Cyphonium trinacrium
Cyphonium virgineum


Cyrtharia septima

Cyrtidosphaera Haeckel 1861
= Cyrtidosphaera
Cyrtidosphaera echinoides
Cyrtidosphaera reticulata

Cyrtocalpis Haeckel 1861
= Cyrtocalpis

Cyrtocapsa Haeckel 1882
= Cyrtocapsa

Cyrtocapsa (Cyrtocapsella) Haeckel 1887
= Cyrtocapsella
Cyrtocapsella ampullacea
Cyrtocapsella eldholmi
Cyrtocapsella isopera
Cyrtocapsella japonica dilatata
Cyrtocapsella kladaros
Cyrtocapsella robusta
Cyrtocapsella rumana
Cyrtocapsella tetrapera distributa

Cyrtocoris Haeckel 1882

Cyrtolarcus Tedeschi 1895

Cyrtopenta Tochilina 1989

Cyrtopera Haeckel 1882
= Cyrtopera
Cyrtopera aglaolampa
Cyrtopera gasteroptera
Cyrtopera lagenella
Cyrtopera laguncula
Cyrtopera ornithoptera
Cyrtopera thoracoptera

Cyrtophormis Haeckel 1887
= Cyrtophormis

Cyrtostephanus Popofsky 1913

Cyrtostephanus cordiformis
Cyrtostephanus globosus

Cystidium Hertwig 1879

Cystidium inerme
Cystidium lecythium
Cystidium princeps
Cystidium spiculosum

C has 162 sub-taxa these are grouped in 5 pages
1 Calcar :: 2 Centro :: 3 Coccoc :: 4 Cromyo :: 5 Cystop


Citation: C
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



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