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Clathrocyclas aurelia

Citation: Clathrocyclas aurelia Clark & Campbell 1945
Rank: species
Described on page(s) : p.46
Type specimens: pl.6, fig.30
Type locality: LL598

Current identification/main database link: Clathrocyclas aurelia Clark & Campbell 1945

Original Description

Wide conical-campanulate shell having a flat marginally shouldered abdomen; apical horn terminal, single, rod like (distally broken), and basally simple; cephalis subhemispherical, short (less than 0.14 total length), and with the cervical stricture marked by change in lateral contour (its basal diameter little greater than the length); thorax generally and widely subconical (75°), with mild asymmetry, and swelling near the middle, the basal diameter great (0.73 total length), and the length equal to the basal diameter; abdomen wide, generally ringlike, around the base of the thorax with sharp stricture (lumbar), and distally bending rather suddenly to form a short circular rim (about the same in height as the cephalis), the free edge of this rim much torn so that the marginal teeth presumed to be present are lost; pores of cephalis few (not more than 16), well separated, and small (2.2?m or less); pores of thorax generally graded from small at the neck to large at the base with a few odd tiny ones subcervically, generally subelliptical or even subpolygonal especially above the base, rather closely set, and comparatively numerous (over 100); pores of abdomen in 3 transverse rows which are fairly regular (more so than in the thorax), and 1 row is along the rim; wall generally hyaline.


Total length (horn broken) 109µm, of horn 18.8µm, of thorax 65µm; diameter of largest pores 16.6µm.

No information given

Extra details from original publication
Distinguishing features: Clathrocyclas aurelia n. sp. differs from semeles Haeckel (1887) in having but a single apical horn, a smaller cephalis, wider thorax and abdomen, and also is more nearly discoidal in general shape.

Editors' Notes
The authors here list Clathrocyclas aurelia under the subgeneric name Clathrocycloma and include the subgeneric name in the species name.[comment from RadWorld database]


Clark, B. L. & Campbell, A. S. (1945). Radiolaria from the Kreyenhangen Formation near Los Banos, California. Geological Society of America, Memoir. 1-66. gs


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