Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Trissocyclidae -> Triospyridae -> Dorcadospyris
Sister taxa: Androspyris, Clathrospyris, Corythospyris, Dorcadospyris, Giraffospyris, Gorgospyris, Lamprospyris, Petalospyris, Platybursa, Rhodospyris, Tholospyris, Triceraspyris
Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)
Dorcadospyris alata

neptune records: 276
Dorcadospyris anastasis

neptune records: 76
Dorcadospyris argisca

neptune records: 17
Dorcadospyris ateuchus

neptune records: 726
Dorcadospyris circulus

neptune records: 212
Dorcadospyris confluens

neptune records: 57
Dorcadospyris copelata

neptune records: 351
Dorcadospyris costatescens

neptune records: 22
Dorcadospyris cyclacantha

neptune records: 21
Dorcadospyris dentata

neptune records: 237
Dorcadospyris forcipata

neptune records: 331
Dorcadospyris mahurangi

neptune records: 47
Dorcadospyris ombros

neptune records: 432
Dorcadospyris papilio

neptune records: 146
Dorcadospyris platyacantha

neptune records: 28
Dorcadospyris praeforcipata

neptune records: 291
Dorcadospyris pseudopapilio

neptune records: 142
Dorcadospyris quadripes

neptune records: 313
Dorcadospyris riedeli

neptune records: 69
Dorcadospyris scambos

neptune records: 290
Dorcadospyris simplex

neptune records: 253
Dorcadospyris spinosa

neptune records: 25
Dorcadospyris triceros

neptune records: 1099
Dorcadospyris sp.

neptune records: 573


Citation: Dorcadospyris Haeckel 1881
Rank: genus
Basionym: Dorcadospyris

Catalog entries: Dorcadospyris

Original description: 2a. Tribus: Dipodospyrida. Dyospyrida acuta, cum spina apicali (simplici, occipitali).
A. pedibus duobus liberis, non unitis.
AII. pedibus spinarum serie obsitis.

Translated description: 2a. Tribe: Dipodospyrida. Acute Dyospyrida, with apical spine (simple, occipital).
A. With two feet free, not joined.
AII. With feet bearing a row of spines. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]


Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): at top of Piacenzian Stage (100% up, 2.6Ma, in Piacenzian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): at base of Danian Stage (0% up, 66Ma, in Danian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:


Haeckel, E. (1882). Entwurf eines Radiolarien-Systems auf Grund von Studien der Challenger-Radiolarien [Basis for a radiolarian classification from the study of Radiolaria of the Challenger collection]. Jenaische Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft. 15: 418-472. gs


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