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H has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Haecke :: 2 Hexala
Haeckeliella Hollande & Enjumet 1960
= Haeckeliella
Haeckeliella hederacia
Haeckeliella inconstans

Hagiastrum Haeckel 1882

Hagiastrum bramae
Hagiastrum buddhae
Hagiastrum christi
Hagiastrum ignorabilis
Hagiastrum mohammedis
Hagiastrum mosis

Halicalyptra Ehrenberg 1846

Halicapsa Haeckel 1882

Halicapsa hystrix
Halicapsa lithapium
Halicapsa papillata
Halicapsa prunoides
Halicapsa pyriformis
Halicapsa triglochin

Haliomma Ehrenberg 1839
= Haliomma
Haliomma acanthophora
Haliomma aequorea
Haliomma amphiaspis
Haliomma amphidiscus
Haliomma antarcticum
Haliomma apertum
Haliomma apiculatum
Haliomma arachnium
Haliomma asperum
Haliomma asperum jh
Haliomma asteracanthion
Haliomma asteroides
Haliomma beroes
Haliomma boreale
Haliomma campbelli
Haliomma capense
Haliomma capillaceum
Haliomma castanea
Haliomma cenosphaera
Haliomma circumtextum
Haliomma clavatum
Haliomma compactum
Haliomma concentricum [nomen nudum]
Haliomma contiguum
Haliomma cornutum
Haliomma crenatum
Haliomma cruciatum
Haliomma darwinii
Haliomma datura
Haliomma denticulatum
Haliomma didymocyrtis
Haliomma didymum
Haliomma dixyphos
Haliomma drymodes
Haliomma duodecinum
Haliomma echinaster
Haliomma echinatum
Haliomma echinoides
Haliomma echinosphaera
Haliomma ellipticum
Haliomma enneaxiphos
Haliomma entactinia
Haliomma erbessinum
Haliomma erinaceus
Haliomma extima
Haliomma favosum
Haliomma glisifra
Haliomma gracile
Haliomma grande
Haliomma helianthus
Haliomma hexacanthum
Haliomma hexagonium
Haliomma hexagonum
Haliomma horridum
Haliomma humboldtii
Haliomma hystrix
Haliomma hystrix jh
Haliomma immensa
Haliomma inerme
Haliomma inermis
Haliomma infundibiliforme
Haliomma irregulare
Haliomma laeve
Haliomma lagena
Haliomma lens
Haliomma ligurinum
Haliomma lirianthus
Haliomma longispinum
Haliomma macrodoras
Haliomma magneporatum
Haliomma medusa
Haliomma megaporum
Haliomma melitomma
Haliomma minuta
Haliomma minutum
Haliomma modestum
Haliomma modestum radiatum
Haliomma nitidum
Haliomma nobile
Haliomma oblongum
Haliomma octacanthum
Haliomma oculatum
Haliomma ornatum [nomen nudum]
Haliomma ovatum
Haliomma patagonicum
Haliomma permagnum
Haliomma perspicuum
Haliomma phacodiscus
Haliomma polyacanthum
Haliomma pyriforme
Haliomma pyriformis
Haliomma quadruplex
Haliomma radians
Haliomma radiatum
Haliomma radicatum
Haliomma regulare
Haliomma rhodococcus
Haliomma rosula
Haliomma scutum
Haliomma serratipora
Haliomma sexaculeatum
Haliomma simplex
Haliomma sol
Haliomma solare
Haliomma spinulosum
Haliomma subglobosum
Haliomma subtile
Haliomma tabulatum
Haliomma tenellum
Haliomma tenuispinum
Haliomma tenuria
Haliomma tetracanthum
Haliomma tetraculeatum
Haliomma triactis
Haliomma trinacrium
Haliomma triplex
Haliomma umbonatum
Haliomma ursinum
Haliomma wyvillei
Haliomma xanthidium
Haliomma xanthidium [nomen nudum]
Heliosoma mirabile

Haliphormartidium Campbell 1951

Haliphormis Ehrenberg 1846

Haliphormis calva [nomen nudum]
Haliphormis costata
Haliphormis hexacanthus
Haliphormis lagena
Haliphormis setosa

Haplosphaera Hollande & Enjumet 1960

Haplosphaera spherica

Hataina Huang 1967

Heliaster Hollande & Enjumet 1960
= Heliaster

Heliodrymus (Heliocladus) Haeckel 1879

Heliocladus furcatus

Heliodiscus Haeckel 1862
= Heliodiscus

Heliodrymus Haeckel 1882

Heliodrymus dendrocyclus
Heliodrymus ramosus
Heliodrymus viminalis

Heliosestrum Haeckel 1882

Heliosestrum aegineta
Heliosestrum craspedotum
Heliosestrum liriope
Heliosestrum medusinum
Heliosestrum octangulum
Heliosestrum octastrum
Heliosestrum octogonium
Heliosestrum octonum
Heliosestrum quadrigeminum
Heliosestrum solarium

Heliosoma Haeckel 1882
= Heliosoma

Heliosphaera Haeckel 1861
= Heliosphaera

Helotholus Jørgensen 1905

Helotholus amplus
Helotholus cornutus
Helotholus haysi
Helotholus histricosa
Helotholus histricosa clausa
Helotholus histricosa micropora
Helotholus longus
Helotholus praevema
Helotholus vema

Heteracantha Mast 1910

Heteracantha dentata
Heteracantha elegans
Heteracantha fragilis
Heteracantha indica
Heteracantha lychnosphaera
Heteracantha racemosa
Heteracantha tenuis
Heteracantha varians

Cornutanna (Heterocornutanna) Clark & Campbell 1945

Heterosestrum Clark & Campbell 1945
= Heterosestrum
Heterosestrum sexispinatum rotundum

Heterosoma Mast 1910

Heterosoma heptacanthum
Heterosoma polyacanthum
Heterosoma ramosum
Heterosoma ramosum simplex

Heterosphaera Mast 1910

Heterosphaerina Mast 1910

Heterosphaerina cromyommoides
Heterosphaerina dodecastyla
Heterosphaerina intermedia
Heterosphaerina tenuis

Heterospongus Mast 1910

Heterospongus varians

Hexacaryum Haeckel 1882

Hexacaryum arborescens

Hexacladus Vinassa de Regny 1898

Hexacladus pantanellii

Hexacontarium Haeckel 1887

Hexacontarium clavatum
Hexacontarium dentatum
Hexacontarium triaenum

Hexacontium Haeckel 1882
= Hexacontium

Hexacromydium Haeckel 1882

Hexacromyum Haeckel 1882
= Hexacromyum
Hexacromyum arachnoides
Hexacromyum difficile
Hexacromyum elegans
Hexacromyum octahedrum
Hexacromyum quadrigatum
Hexacromyum robustum

Hexactura Haeckel 1882


Hexacyclia formosa


Hexadendron bipinnatum
Hexadendron quadricuspis

Hexadendrum Haeckel 1882

Hexadilemma Haeckel 1887

Hexadoras Haeckel 1882

Hexadoras arachnoidale
Hexadoras axophaena
Hexadoras borealis
Hexadoras lychnosphaera
Hexadoras octahedrum

Hexadoridium Haeckel 1882

Hexadoridium magnificum
Hexadoridium streptacanthum

Hexadorium Haeckel 1882

Hexadrymium Haeckel 1882

Hexalastrum Haeckel 1882

Hexalastrum crinanthum
Hexalastrum orchidaceum
Hexalastrum palmanthum

H has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Haecke :: 2 Hexala


Citation: H
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



H compiled by the radiolaria@mikrotax project team viewed: 20-5-2024

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