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Haliomma has 122 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 H. aca :: 2 H. enn :: 3 H. oct :: 4 H. xan
Haliomma acanthophora Popofsky 1912
= Carposphaera acanthophora
Haliomma aequorea Ehrenberg 1844

Haliomma amphiaspis Harting 1863

Haliomma amphidiscus Müller 1858

not figuredHaliomma antarcticum Haeckel 1887

Haliomma apertum Ehrenberg 1873

Haliomma apiculatum Ehrenberg 1873

not figuredHaliomma arachnium Haeckel 1887

Haliomma asperum Müller 1858

Haliomma asperum jh Müller 1858

Haliomma asteracanthion Haeckel 1860

Haliomma asteroides Chen et al. 2017

Haliomma beroes Ehrenberg 1854
= Actinomma beroes
not figuredHaliomma boreale Haeckel 1887

Haliomma campbelli Gorbunov 1979

not figuredHaliomma capense Haeckel 1887

Haliomma capillaceum Haeckel 1860

Haliomma castanea Haeckel 1860
= Haliomma castanea
Haliomma cenosphaera Ehrenberg 1875

Haliomma circumtextum Haeckel 1887

not figuredHaliomma clavatum Haeckel 1887

Haliomma compactum Haeckel 1887

not figuredHaliomma concentricum [nomen nudum] Ehrenberg 1873

Haliomma contiguum Ehrenberg 1873

Haliomma cornutum Ehrenberg 1844

Haliomma crenatum Ehrenberg 1838

Haliomma cruciatum Mast 1910

Haliomma darwinii Dreyer 1889

not figuredHaliomma datura Haeckel 1887

not figuredHaliomma denticulatum Haeckel 1887

Haliomma didymocyrtis Haeckel 1860

Haliomma didymum Ehrenberg 1844

Haliomma dixyphos Ehrenberg 1844

Haliomma drymodes Haeckel 1860

not figuredHaliomma duodecinum Haeckel 1887

Haliomma echinaster Haeckel 1860

Haliomma echinatum Ehrenberg 1873

Haliomma echinoides Müller 1856

Haliomma echinosphaera Cleve 1900

Haliomma ellipticum Stöhr 1880

Haliomma has 122 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 H. aca :: 2 H. enn :: 3 H. oct :: 4 H. xan


Citation: Haliomma Ehrenberg 1839
Rank: genus
Type species: Haliomma inerme Haeckel 1860 SD Petrushevskaya and Kozlova, 1979, p. 91 - but see note below
Described on page(s) : 128
Family (traditional): Actinommidae

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Current identification/main database link: Haliomma Ehrenberg 1838

Original Description
E. familia Polycystinorum. Loricae siliceae (foraminosae) articuli in adulto in seriem spiralem globosam accreti.

Translation: Of the family Polycystinae. Segments of the siliceous shell (porous) in the adult developed into a globose spiral series. (Translation from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.).]

Etymology: From the Greek haliomma = sea-eye"

Extra details from original publication

Sub-genera described:

Editors' Notes
[As far as is known no type species has been designated from among those included at the time of the genric definition. Species included at that time are Haliomma crenatum Ehrenberg, 1838 and H. medusa Ehrenberg, 1838.

Petrushevskaya and Kozlova, 1979, p.91, designate Haliomma inerme Haeckel, 1860 (Haeckel, 1862, pl.24, fig.5) as the type species of this genus, without any explanation about their new choice. This species has already been designated as type species of THECOSPHAERELLA by Campbell (SD [Campbell,1954, p.D50])]


Campbell, A. S. (1954). Radiolaria. In, Moore, R. C (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part D Protista 3. Protozoa (Chiefly Radiolaria and Tintinnina). D(3):1-163. gs

Ehrenberg, C. G. (1839). Uber die Bilding der Kreidefelsen und des Kreidemergels durch unsichtibare Organismen. Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1838: 59-147. gs

Petrushevskaya, M. G. & Kozlova, G. E. (1979). Opisanie rodov i vidov radiolyariy. In Istoriya mikroplanktona Norvezhskogo Morya. Issledovanie Faunyi Morey (Akademii Nauk SSSR) Leningrad. 23(31): 86-157. gs


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