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Larcopyle eccentricum Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle eccentricum
Larcopyle labyrinthusa Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle labyrinthusa
Larcopyle nebulum Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle nebulum
Larcopyle augusti Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle augusti
Larcopyle bucerum Tochilina et al. 1988

Larcopyle buetschli subsp. chenmuhongi Zhang & Suzuki (2017)
= Larcopyle buetschli chenmuhongi
Larcopyle buetschlii Dreyer 1889
= Larcopyle buetschlii
Larcopyle buetschlii subsp. orion Zhang & Suzuki (2017)
= Larcopyle buetschlii orion
Larcopyle drieschii Dreyer 1890

Larcopyle eccentricanoides Zhang & Suzuki 2017
= Larcopyle eccentricanoides
Larcopyle faustae Renaudie & Lazarus 2016

Larcopyle hayesi subsp. hayesi Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle hayesi hayesi
Larcopyle hayesi subsp. irregularis Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle hayesi irregularis
Larcopyle herbstii Dreyer 1890

Larcopyle molle Zhang & Suzuki 2017
= Larcopyle molle
Larcopyle peregrinator Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle peregrinator
Larcopyle polyacantha subsp. amplissima Lazarus et al. (2005)
= Larcopyle polyacantha amplissima
Larcopyle polyacantha subsp. titan Lazarus et al. (2005)
= Larcopyle polyacantha titan
Larcopyle pulchella Zhang & Suzuki 2017
= Larcopyle pulchella
Larcopyle spongiosa Dreyer 1890

Larcopyle weddellium Lazarus et al. 2005
= Larcopyle weddellium


Citation: Larcopyle Dreyer 1889
taxonomic rank: genus
Described on page(s) : 124
Family (traditional): Litheliidae

Current identification/main database link: Larcopyle Dreyer 1889

Original Description

Larcopyliden mit einem Pylom


Description of Larcopylida, nov. Fam. Dreyer, 1889, p.124: Larcoideen mit einem oder zwei an den Polen der Hauptachse der Schale gelegenen Pylomen.]



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