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Lithocampe has 53 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 L. acu :: 2 L. ovu
Lithocampe aculeata Ehrenberg 1844

Lithocampe acuminata Ehrenberg 1844

Lithocampe ampullacea Ehrenberg 1873

Lithocampe andersoni Campbell & Clark 1944

Lithocampe andersoni subsp. paucisepta Campbell & Clark (1944

Lithocampe anomala Haeckel 1860
= Eucyrtidium anomalum
Lithocampe antarctica Ehrenberg 1844

Lithocampe apenninica Vinassa de Regny 1900

Lithocampe aspera Ehrenberg 1861

Lithocampe aurita Ehrenberg 1844
= Botryostrobus auritus-australis
Lithocampe australis Ehrenberg 1844
= Botryostrobus auritus-australis
Lithocampe biconica Vinassa de Regny 1900
= Eucyrtidium biconicum
Lithocampe chytra Tan & Su 2003

Lithocampe clava Ehrenberg 1873
= Amphipternis clava
Lithocampe compressa Stöhr 1880

Lithocampe corbula Harting 1863
= Phormostichoartus corbula
Lithocampe diploconus Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe eminens Stöhr 1880

Lithocampe fimbriata Stöhr 1880

Lithocampe fusiformis Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe galea Haeckel 1860

Lithocampe globicephala Vinassa de Regny 1900

Lithocampe granulata Petrushevskaya 1977

Lithocampe heptacola Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe hexacola Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe hirundo Ehrenberg 1840

Lithocampe lagena Haeckel 1860

Lithocampe latissima Kim 1992

Lithocampe lineata Ehrenberg 1839
= Siphocampe lineata
Lithocampe marylandica Martin 1904

Lithocampe meta Stöhr 1880

Lithocampe micropyla Vinassa de Regny 1900

Lithocampe minuta Clark & Campbell 1942
= Siphocampe minuta
Lithocampe modeloensis Campbell & Clark 1944
= Siphocampe modeloensis
Lithocampe modeloensis longa Campbell & Clark 1944

Lithocampe multipora Vinassa de Regny 1900

Lithocampe multipora jh Vinassa de Regny 1900

Lithocampe nephelos Clark & Campbell 1945

Lithocampe octocola Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe ovata Haeckel 1887

Lithocampe has 53 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 L. acu :: 2 L. ovu


Citation: Lithocampe Ehrenberg 1839
Rank: genus
Type species: Lithocampe radicula Ehrenberg 1839 [designated by Campbell,1954, p.D143]
Described on page(s) : 128
Family (traditional): Plagiacanthidae

Current identification/main database link: Lithocampe

Original Description

E Familia Polycystinorum. Lorisae siliceae articuli in adulto in serie simplici recta cylindrica dispositi, apertura sub apice, laterali.

Of the family Polycystinae. Segments of the siliceous shell in the adult arranged in a simple series as a straight cylinder, aperture below the apex, lateral. (Translation from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)-]


From the Greek lithocampe = stone-caterpillar

Extra details from original publication

Sub-genera described:

Editors' Notes
[for ""Fig. IX. q"" read Fig. XI. q""
Taf.IV, Fig.XI.q. illustrates Lithocampe radicula Ehrenberg, 1839.]


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1839). Uber die Bilding der Kreidefelsen und des Kreidemergels durch unsichtibare Organismen. Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1838: 59-147. gs O


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