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Lithopera amblyostauros Ehrenberg 1873

Lithopera ananassa Haeckel 1887

Lithopera bacca Ehrenberg 1873
= Lithopera bacca
Lithopera baueri Sanfilippo & Riedel 1970
= Lithopera baueri
Lithopera biaurita Ehrenberg 1875

not figuredLithopera biaurita [nomen nudum] Ehrenberg 1876

Lithopera bursella Ehrenberg 1873

Lithopera circopora Popofsky 1913

Lithopera crassa Dumitrica 1978

Lithopera elongata Pantanelli 1880

not figuredLithopera globosa Haeckel 1887

Lithopera gutta Ehrenberg 1873

Lithopera lagena Ehrenberg 1873
= Eusyringium lagena
Lithopera magna Tsoy & Shastina 1999

Lithopera neotera Sanfilippo & Riedel 1970
= Lithopera neotera
Lithopera nicobarica Ehrenberg 1875

not figuredLithopera nicobarica [nomen nudum] Ehrenberg 1876

Lithopera niduspendulum Ehrenberg 1874

Lithopera oceanica Ehrenberg 1873
= Botryopera oceanica
Lithopera ovata Pantanelli 1880

Lithopera oxystauros Ehrenberg 1873

Lithopera pyrum Ehrenberg 1873

Lithopera renzae Sanfilippo & Riedel 1970
= Lithopera renzae
Lithopera renzae spiculosa 1970

Lithopera rossica Ehrenberg 1855

Lithopera setosa Ehrenberg 1854

Lithopera thornburgi Sanfilippo & Riedel 1970
= Lithopera thornburgi


Citation: Lithopera Ehrenberg 1846
Rank: genus
Type species: Lithobotrys denticulata Ehrenberg 1844 [only one valid species]
Described on page(s) : chart to p.385
Family (traditional): Cannobotryidae

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Current identification/main database link: Lithopera Ehrenberg 1847

Original Description
Apertura unica (simplex aut cancellata). Testularum articuli seu stricturae distincta. Testae strictura unica, articulo postico clauso neutro fine lobato (capitulo interdum mucronato)

Translation: Aperture single (simple or latticed). Test with segments or distinct strictures. Test with a single stricture, last segment closed. Neither end lobed (cephalis occasionally with spine. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

Etymology: From the Greek lithopera = stone-pouch

Extra details from original publication

Sub-genera described:


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1846). Uber eine halibiolithische, von Herrn R. Schomburgk entdeckte, vorherrschend aus mikroskopischen Polycystinen gebildete, Gebirgsmasse von Barbados. Bericht uber die zu Bekanntmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen der Koniglichen Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1846: 382-385. gs


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