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Lophocyrtis cavifundus Sugiyama & Saito 1994

Lophocyrtis dumitricai Sanfilippo 1990
= Lophocyrtis dumitricai
Lophocyrtis exitelus Sanfilippo 1990
= Lophocyrtis exitelus
Lophocyrtis galenum Sanfilippo 1990
= Lophocyrtis galenum
Lophocyrtis golli Chen 1975
= Cycladophora golli
Lophocyrtis hadra Riedel & Sanfilippo 1986
= Lophocyrtis hadra
Lophocyrtis haywardi O'Connor 1999

not figuredLophocyrtis holothuria Haeckel 1887

Lophocyrtis inaequalis O'Connor 1997
= Lophocyrtis inaequalis
Lophocyrtis jacchia subsp. hapsis Sanfilippo & Caulet (1998)

Lophocyrtis keraspera Sanfilippo & Caulet 1998
= Lophocyrtis keraspera
Lophocyrtis klydus Sanfilippo & Caulet 1998
= Lophocyrtis klydus
Lophocyrtis nomas Sanfilippo & Caulet 1998
= Lophocyrtis nomas
Lophocyrtis norvegiensis Bjørklund & Kellogg 1972

Lophocyrtis oberhaensliae Sanfilippo 1990
= Lophocyrtis oberhaensliae
Lophocyrtis pallantae Renaudie & Lazarus 2013

Lophocyrtis pseudojacchia Nishimura 1992
= Lophocyrtis pseudojacchia
Lophocyrtis regipielus Chen 1974

Lophocyrtis synapta Haeckel 1887

Lophocyrtis zeira Sanfilippo & Caulet 1998


Citation: Lophocyrtis Haeckel 1887
Rank: genus
Type species: Eucyrtidium stephanophorum Ehrenberg 1873 [designated by Campbell,1954, p.D134]
Described on page(s) : 1410
Family (traditional): Theoperidae

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Current identification/main database link: Lophocyrtis Haeckel 1887

Original Description
Theocorida (vel Tricyrtida eradiata aperta) with cylindrical abdomen, and wide open truncate mouth. Cephalis with two horns, or a bunch of horns.

Etymology: From the Greek lophocyrtis = basket with a crest

Extra details from original publication
The genus Lophocyrtis differs from its ancestral form Theocyrtis only in the armature of the cephalis, bearing instead of a single horn either two divergent horns, or a bunch, or coronal of numerous spines. The slender abdomen is in both genera cylindrical, with wide open mouth.
Sub-genera described:


Haeckel, E (1887). Report on the Radiolaria collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876. Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the year 1873-1876, Zoology. 18: 1-1803. gs


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