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P has 138 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 Pachys :: 2 Petalo :: 3 Plecto :: 4 Pteroc
Petalospyris Ehrenberg 1846
= Petalospyris

Phacodiscus (Phacodiscinus) Haeckel 1887

Phacodiscinus testatus clivosus
Phacodiscinus testatus grandis

Phacodiscus Haeckel 1882
= Phacodiscus

Phacopyle Dreyer 1889

Phacopyle stomatopora

Phacostaurus Haeckel 1882

Phacostaurus echinus
Phacostaurus magnificus
Phacostaurus oceanidum
Phacostaurus quadratus
Phacostaurus quadrigatus

Phacostylus Haeckel 1882

Phacostylus amphipyramis
Phacostylus amphistylus
Phacostylus amphixiphus
Phacostylus caudatus
Phacostylus dellupi
Phacostylus originalis
Phacostylus vicinus

Phacotriactis Sutton 1896

Phacotriactis mirus
Phacotriactis triangula

Phaenocalpis Haeckel 1887

Phaenocalpis petalospyris

Phaenoscenium Haeckel 1887

Phaenoscenium cladopodium
Phaenoscenium hexapodium
Phaenoscenium polypodium

Pharyngosphaera Haeckel 1887

Pharyngosphaera sicula
Pharyngosphaera stomodaea

= Phaseliforma
Phaseliforma subcarinata

Phormacantha Jørgensen 1357
= Phormacantha
Phormacantha garbela

Phormobotrys Haeckel 1882

Phormobotrys cannothalamia
Phormobotrys folini
Phormobotrys pentathalamia
Phormobotrys trithalamia

Phormocampe Haeckel 1887

Phormocampe alamedaensis
Phormocampe alamedaensis tenuis
Phormocampe campanula
Phormocampe conus
Phormocampe eucalyptra
Phormocampe lamprocyclas
Phormocampe metalis
Phormocampe mitra

Phormocyrtis Haeckel 1887
= Phormocyrtis

Phormosphaera Haeckel 1882

Phormospyris Haeckel 1882
= Phormospyris
Phormospyris antarctica
Phormospyris loliguncula
Phormospyris macropora
Phormospyris punnulis
Phormospyris stabilis capoi
Phormospyris thespios
Phormospyris tricostata
Phormospyris tridentata

Cyrtophormis (Phormostichoartus) Campbell 1951
= Phormostichoartus
Phormostichoartus ashbyi
Phormostichoartus fistula
Phormostichoartus pitomorphus
Phormostichoartus schneideri
Phormostichoartus strongi

Phorticium Haeckel 1882
= Phorticium
Phorticium abnorme
Phorticium deforme
Phorticium itakii
Phorticium multispinum
Phorticium polycladum
Phorticium pylonium
Phorticium regulare
Phorticium scitulum
Phorticium spironium

Phrenocodon Haeckel 1887
= Phrenocodon
Phrenocodon clathrostomium
Phrenocodon diaphragma

Physematium Meyen 1834

Physematium atlanticum
Physematium muelleri
Physematium vermiculare

Pipetta Haeckel 1887

Pipetta conus
Pipetta fusus
Pipetta salpinx
Pipetta tuba

Pipettaria Haeckel 1887

Pipettaria fusaria
Pipettaria tubaria

Pipettella Haeckel 1887

Pipettella elongata
Pipettella fallax
Pipettella fusiformis
Pipettella prismatica
Pipettella tubulosa

Pityomma Haeckel 1882

Pityomma drymodes
Pityomma piniferum
Pityomma scoparium

Plagiacantha Müller 1857
= Plagiacantha
Plagiacantha abietina
Plagiacantha dodecantha
Plagiacantha elatine
Plagiacantha furcata
Plagiacantha panarium
Plagiacantha verticillata

Plagiocarpa Haeckel 1882

Plagiocarpa procortina
Plagiocarpa procyrtella

Plagonidium Haeckel 1882

Plagonidium bigeminum
Plagonidium quadrigeminum

Plagoniscus Haeckel 1887

Plagoniscus cortinaris
Plagoniscus euscenium
Plagoniscus nassellaris
Plagoniscus tripodiscus

Plagonium Haeckel 1882

Plagonium arborescens
Plagonium distriactis
Plagonium lampoxanthium
Plagonium sphaerozoum
Plagonium trigeminum

Plannapus O'Connor 1997
= Plannapus
Plannapus aitai
Plannapus hornibrooki
Plannapus mauricei

Platybursa Haeckel 1882
= Platybursa
Platybursa harpoi

Platycryphalus Haeckel 1882

Platysestrum Haeckel 1882

Plectacantha Jørgensen 1905
= Plectacantha
Plectacantha cremastoplegma
Plectacantha oikiskos
Plectacantha trichoides

Plectagonidium Cachon & Cachon 1969
= Plectagonidium
Plectagonidium deflandrei

Plectaniscus Haeckel 1887

Plectaniscus annulatus
Plectaniscus archiscenium
Plectaniscus cladoscenium
Plectaniscus clathrocorys
Plectaniscus cortiniscus
Plectaniscus tripodiscus

Plectanium Haeckel 1882

Plectanium ovodimare
Plectanium simplex
Plectanium sphaerozoum
Plectanium trigeminum

Plectocoronis Haeckel 1882

Plectocoronis anacantha
Plectocoronis pentacantha
Plectocoronis triacantha

Plectodiscus Kozlova, Petrushevskaya & Kozlova 1972
= Plectodiscus
Plectodiscus runanganus
Plectodiscus totschilinae

P has 138 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 Pachys :: 2 Petalo :: 3 Plecto :: 4 Pteroc


Citation: P
taxonomic rank: na
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:



P compiled by the radiolaria@mikrotax project team viewed: 26-5-2024

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