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Porodiscus annulartus Lipman 1949

Porodiscus armatus Zacharias 1906

Porodiscus bassanii Principi 1909

Porodiscus bassanii [homonym] Principi 1909

Porodiscus bassanii jh Principi 1909

Porodiscus bergontianus Carnevale 1908

Porodiscus centrospira Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus charlestonensis Clark & Campbell 1945
= Stylotrochus charlestonensis
Porodiscus circularis Clark & Campbell 1942

Porodiscus compactus Lipman 1950

Porodiscus cretaceus Campbell & Clark 1944

Porodiscus delicatulus Lipman 1953

Porodiscus discospira Vinassa de Regny 1900

Porodiscus durus Moksyakova 1970

Porodiscus ellipticus Carnevale 1908

Porodiscus flustrella Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus fortii Carnevale 1908

Porodiscus hirtus Vinassa de Regny 1900

Porodiscus intentatus Kozlova 1960

Porodiscus irregularis Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus laevigatus Principi 1909

Porodiscus marmoratus Moksyakova 1961

Porodiscus microporus subsp. polipora Vinassa de Regny (1900

Porodiscus nummulutformis Krasheninnikov 1960

Porodiscus ornatus Borisenko 1958

Porodiscus parvus Principi 1909

Porodiscus parvus jh Clark & Campbell 1942

Porodiscus perispira Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus polyconcentricus Lipman 1979

Porodiscus pseudospiralis Vinassa de Regny 1900

Porodiscus quadrigatus Haeckel 1887

not figuredPorodiscus radiatus Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus ruesti Campbell & Clark 1944

Porodiscus semispiralis Haeckel 1887

Porodiscus spiraliformis Principi 1909

Porodiscus squinaboli Carnevale 1908

Porodiscus turgaicus Lipman 1953

Porodiscus uniserialis Vinassa de Regny 1900

Porodiscus uralicus Lipman et al. 1960

Porodiscus vinassai Principi 1909


Citation: Porodiscus Haeckel 1882
Rank: genus
Type species: Trematodiscus orbiculatus Haeckel 1862 SD [Frizzell and Middour,1951 p.24]
Described on page(s) : 459
Family (traditional): Spongodiscidae

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Current identification/main database link: Porodiscus Haeckel 1881

Original Description
3a. Tribus: Trematodiscida. Porodiscida inermia vel anacantha, sine aculeis marginalibus et sine brachiis cameratis.
A. testa disciformi simplici sine ostio marginali coronato.
AI. disco sine zona porosa aut spongiosa.

Translation: 3a. Tribe: Trematodiscida. Porodiscida which are unarmed or without spines, without marginal spines and without chambered arms.
A. With simple, discoidal test without a coronate marginal opening.
AI. With a disk without a porous or spongy zone. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

Etymology: From the Greek porodiscus = porous disk"

Extra details from original publication

Sub-genera described:

Editors' Notes
[Frizzell [Frizzell and Middour,1951 p.24] designates Trematodiscus orbiculatus Haeckel in Haeckel, 1862 as the type species of Porodiscus; Campbell [1954, p.D89] designates Flustrella concentrica Ehrenberg, 1838. However, these seem inappropriate as neither species was among those first subsequently assigned to Porodiscus. Species first subsequently assigned to Porodiscus are: Porodiscus communis Rust, 1885b; P.nuesslinii Rust, 1885b; P.simplex Rust, 1885b.]


Haeckel, E. (1882). Entwurf eines Radiolarien-Systems auf Grund von Studien der Challenger-Radiolarien [Basis for a radiolarian classification from the study of Radiolaria of the Challenger collection]. Jenaische Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft. 15: 418-472. gs


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