radiolaria - rads_cenozoic - Stylosphaeridae radiolaria - rads_cenozoic - Stylosphaeridae


Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Actinommidae -> Stylosphaeridae
Sister taxa: Actinommidae (ss), Actinommidae inc sed, Amphisphaeridae, Astrosphaeridae, Centrocubidae, Ethmosphaeridae, Excentroconchidae, Heliosoma, Hexalonchidae, Hexastylidae, Pantanelliidae, Quinquecapsulariidae, Saturnalidae, Spongosphaeridae, Stylosphaeridae
Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)Granddaughter taxa

neptune records: 1316
Amphistylus angelinus
Amphistylus sp.


neptune records: 354
Druppatractus hastatus
Druppatractus irregularis
Druppatractus nanus
Druppatractus pyriformis
Druppatractus variabilis
Druppatractus sp.


neptune records: 9
Entapium chaenapium
Entapium regulare
Entapium sp.


neptune records: 44
Sphaerostylus cristatus
Sphaerostylus nicholasi
Sphaerostylus rosetta
Sphaerostylus sp.


neptune records: 1166
Stylacontarium acquilonium
Stylacontarium bispiculum
Stylacontarium sp.


neptune records: 2154
Stylatractus coronatus
Stylatractus fragilis
Stylatractus giganteus
Stylatractus neptunus
Stylatractus ostracion
Stylatractus pluto
Stylatractus santaeannae
Stylatractus transparum
Stylatractus universus
Stylatractus sp.


neptune records: 332
Stylosphaera coronata
Stylosphaera dixyphos
Stylosphaera hexaxyphophora
Stylosphaera hispida
Stylosphaera laevis
Stylosphaera macrosphaera
Stylosphaera minor
Stylosphaera radiosa
Stylosphaera sp.


Rank: family (new classif)
Taxonomic discussion: This family is part of the revised classification system being developed by Prof. Suzuki and colleagues

Catalog entries: Stylosphaeridae [no catalog entry yet]


Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): at top of Piacenzian Stage (100% up, 2.6Ma, in Piacenzian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): at base of Danian Stage (0% up, 66Ma, in Danian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:



Stylosphaeridae compiled by the radiolaria@mikrotax project team viewed: 3-10-2023

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