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Citation: Tholodiscus Kozlova, in Petrushevskaya & Kozlova 1972
Rank: genus
Type species: Stylodictya ocellata Ehrenberg 1873
Described on page(s) : 525

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Current identification/main database link: Tholodiscus Kozlova in Petrushevskaya & Kozlova 1972

Original Description
Skeleton is flat or slightly concave, rounded-multiangular or rounded-quadrangular in outline. Consists of equatorial and sagittal rings (frontal ring is not developed); wings of the rings are displaced at 45° in relation to the main axis, and have a cupola-like structure, quite clearly expressed in the first systems and less distinct in the subsequent ones, where the wings are elongated in the direction of the periphery of the disc. At the point of their merging, the wings become overlapped by each other and form four zigzag lines in the direction of the main axes.

First system of the Tholostaurus type (in sensu Haeckel), diameter = 40-50µm, is not submerged into the skeleton; the distance between systems (width of cupolas) is larger than or equal to the diameter of the central chamber, four main radial spines going from the central shell; four additional – from the top of the cupolas of the first system; both often are transformed into the outside spines.

Etymology: From the Greek tholos = dome, and discos = disk.

Editors' Notes
Tholodiscus differs from the related genus Stylodictya by the type of wings – cupola connection, which form four zigzag lines and also by the multiangular outline of the disc.

Stratigraphic range: Campanian, Late Cretaceous to Oligocene, Mesozoic Cenozoic

[Questionably synonymized with Xiphospira Haeckel by Petrushevlsya 1975c, p.576]


Petrushevskaya, M. G. & Kozlova, G. E. (1972). Radiolaria: Leg 14, Deep Sea Drilling Project. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 14: 459-648. gs


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