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Trimanicula centrospina Dumitrica 1991

Trimanicula penultima Dumitrica 1991


Citation: Trimanicula Dumitrica 1991
Rank: genus
Type species: Trimanicula centrospina Dumitrica 1991
Described on page(s) : 46
Family (traditional): Spongodiscidae

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Current identification:

Original Description
Skeleton flat, three-rayed. Each ray has a latticed cortical shell surrounding a long protruding central spine which bears several pairs of opposite branches in successively perpendicular planes. Microsphere five-gated, eccentric, migrated in the antapical direction and heteropolar, with heptagonal basal gates, and the antapical gate much larger than the lateral ones. Apart from the two long RL spines disposed along the rays, of which one is apical, the microsphere has four short RBu and four short RBl spines obliquely directed in pairs on both sides of the central part of shell.

Etymology: From the Latin tri = three, and mani-cula = small hand. Feminine gender.


Dumitrica, P. (1991a). Cenozoic Pyloniacea (Radiolaria) with a five-gated microsphere. Revue de Micropaléontologie. 34(1): 35-56. gs


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