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Helicosphaera ampliaperta

Classification: ntax_cenozoic -> Zygodiscales -> Helicosphaeraceae -> Helicosphaera -> H. ampliaperta group -> Helicosphaera ampliaperta
Sister taxa: H. ampliaperta, H. scissura, H. magnifica, H. alata


Citation: Helicosphaera ampliaperta Bramlette and Wilcoxon, 1967
taxonomic rank: Species
Taxonomic discussion: The wing can be indistinct making it possible to mistake H. ampliaperta for a placolith coccolith.

Distinguishing features:
Parent taxon (H. ampliaperta group): Early Miocene group of Helicosphaera species without a sinlge central opening, blanket confined to central area, variably developed wing.
This taxon: Central-area open; wing merges into flange; blanket confined to central opening

Farinacci & Howe catalog pages: H. ampliaperta + * , H. porosa * , A. cucullata diademata *


Similar to H. carteri but central-area open, and wing weaker.
The species H. porosa appears to be identical except for having a grill/peforate plate in the cetral area, it is possible that it is simply based on unusually well-preserved specimens and that a grill was originally present in all H. ampliaperta.
Holcova (2009) provides a detailed morphometric study of H. ampliaperta from the Paratethys.

Search data:
LITHS: placolith, asymmetric, elliptical, CA: vacant,
CSPH: elongated, monomorphic, CROSS-POLARS: rim-bicyclic, V-prominent, R-prominent,
Lith size: 7->12µm;
The morphological data given here can be used on the advanced search page. See also these notes

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): at top of NN4 zone (100% up, 14.9Ma, in Langhian stage). Data source: zonal marker, e.g. Young 1998
First occurrence (base): near base of chron C6An.1r sub-Magnetochron (10% up, 20.4Ma, in Burdigalian stage). Data source: Raffi et al. 2006, fig. 5

Plot of occurrence data:


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Helicosphaera ampliaperta compiled by Jeremy R. Young, Paul R. Bown, Jacqueline A. Lees viewed: 2-3-2024

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