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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Caucasella handousi Salaj 1984

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Caucasella handousi

Citation: Caucasella handousi Salaj 1984
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: T-10
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Hauterivian
Type locality: Layer of marls overlying the first limestone bank in the lower limestone sequence (sample 10a) in the area of Djebel Oust, Tunisia.
Type repository: Bratislava; Diionyz Stur Institute of Geology,

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella handousi (Salaj, 1984)

Original Description

Test small. Coiled in a very low to planar trochospire consisting of two and half whorls; peripheral margin quadrate lobate; four chambers in the last whorl, increasing quadrally in sizes as added; chambers globular, somewhat ovoidal on both spiral and umbilical sides, separated by deeply incised sutures; chambers typical ovoidal in peripheral view; sutures radial, slightly curved on both spiral and umbilical sides; wall fine-perforate, surface smooth; primary aperture highly arcuate, extra-umbilical-umbilical bordered by an imperforate flap; umbilicus circular, deep.


Salaj, J. (1984). Foraminifers and detailed microbiostratigraphy of the boundary beds of the Lower Cretaceous stages in the Tunisian Atlas. Geologiscky Zbornik -Geologica Carpathica. 35(5): 583-599. gs


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