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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina voluta White 1928

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Globigerina voluta

Citation: Globigerina voluta White 1928
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: 19883
Type sample (& lithostrat): Mendez Formation
Type age (chronostrat): Maastrichtian
Type locality: Two and six-tenths kilometer east of Mendez on the railroad line, Tampico Embayment, Mendez Formation, Mexico.
Type repository: New York; AMNH - Columbia University Collection now at the American Museum of Natural History

Current identification/main database link: Planohedbergella aspera (Ehrenberg, 1854)

Original Description

Test planispiral, though the early portion may be trochoid, evolute but not uncoiling, five or more chambers to the last coil; chambers inflated, very slightly appressed; sutures deep; wall finely perforate and quite smooth; aperture a thin lunate opening in the suture on the margin of the last chamber. 

EMENDED DESC [copied from Chronos database]- Test planispiral throughout, evolute but not uncoiling, 4.0 to 5.0 chambers in the last whorl; chambers inflated, very slightly appressed; sutures deep; wall finely perforate and quite smooth; aperture a thin to moderate lunate opening on the margin of the last chamber.

Diameter of type specimen, 0.6 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Occurrence: This species occurs as a very rare form throughout the Mendez, becomes quite abundant in the very base of the Velasco and dies out rapidly before extending any distance up into the Velasco.
This is a Cretaceous form which authors have invariably called G. aequilateralis Brady, but, unlike Brady's Recent form, it is not partially uncoiled and can always be easily differentiated from the Recent form on that basis. Cushman has made a new genus, Globigerinella, to include the two. I have felt that such is not advisable, at least for the Cretaceous form, which shows insensible variations from G. cretacea, with which it is much more closely related than to Brady's species.


White, M. P. (1928). Some Index Foraminifera of the Tampico Embayment Area of Mexico. Journal of Paleontology. 2(3): 177-215. gs


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