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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globotruncana (Rugoglobigerina) circumnodifer subcircumnodifer Gandolfi 1955

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Globotruncana (Rugoglobigerina) circumnodifer subcircumnodifer

Citation: Globotruncana (Rugoglobigerina) circumnodifer subcircumnodifer Gandolfi 1955
taxonomic rank: sub-species
Type specimens: PI. 2, fig. 8a-c; 20837: type description p.44
Type sample (& lithostrat): Km. 92 Section, S. 5579.
Type age (chronostrat): Campanian-Maastrichtian
Type locality: A section near Km. 92 on the Fonseca-Riohacha road, Rancheria Valley, 40 km. north of Fonseca, NE part of the State of Magdalena, northern Colombia.
Type repository: Ithaca, New York; Paleontological Research Institution

Current identification/main database link: Rugotruncana subcircumnodifer (Gandolfi, 1955)

Original Description

This form is similar to G. fornicata ackermanni, but the Rugoglobigerina habitus is more developed. The test is slightly convex, the chambers are inflated, subangular, with the inflation more pronounced on the umbilical side, so that the faintly beaded double keel (narrow peripheral band) is not exactly in the middle of the chamber, but shifted more toward the dorsal side. The chambers, 4-5 in the last whorl, ar slightly more elongated; the sutures bcome radial in the last chambers; the test is rough, especially in the early stages, and the umbilicus is narrower. The test is dextrally coiled.

Dimensions of holotype. Width 0.38 x 0.32 mm.; thickness,0.22 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. Morphologically it is closely related to Rugogl. hexacamerata hexacamerata, differs because of fewer, more elongate chambers in the last whorl, its more asymmetric umbilical inflation of the chambers. It differs from Rugogl. rugosa rugosa Plummer because of its smaller size, smaller test and less outstanding umbilical convexity of the chambers.


Gandolfi, R. (1955). The genus Globotruncana in northeastern Colombia. Bulletins of American Paleontology. 36: 1-118. gs


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Comments (2)

Le Coze

Original name: Globotruncana (Rugoglobigerina) circumnodifer subsp. subcircumnodifer Gandolfi, 1955

Prefer the shorter version.

Jeremy Young(UK)

Yes I prefer the shorter version as well, but I have corrected it.