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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Guembelitriella graysonensis Tappan 1940

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Guembelitriella graysonensis

Citation: Guembelitriella graysonensis Tappan 1940
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Pl. 19, fig. 3, holotype, : no. 25098. Paratypes and representative specimens University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla.; the Walker Museum, University of Chicago, Ill.; and in the author's collection, Norman, Okla.
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Cretaceous, Washita group, Grayson formation; upper part of Zone 2, a fine-grained yellowish marl , mollusks noticeably absent, 11 feet of section, 11 feet above the contact with the Main Street .
Type locality: Grayson Bluff, a high, southwest-facing bluff on Denton Creek, 3-1/2 miles northeast of Roanoke, 2 miles by road east of the Fort Worth-Denton highway, Denton County, Texas .
Type repository: Washington, USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-25098 USNM-370122 USNM-44713 USNM-44713

Current identification/main database link: Guembelitria cenomana (Keller, 1935)

Original Description

Test small, free, in the early stage similar to Guembelitria harrisi, n. sp., later chambers added irregularly, generally with four or five exposed when viewed from above; chambers globular, increasing rapidly in size; sutures distinct, depressed; wall calcareous, smooth; aperture at base of last-formed chamber, occasionally more than one. 

Length of holotype, 0.26 mm.; width across top, 0.18 to 0.22 mm.

From the type locality, Grayson Bluff.

Extra details from original publication

This species occurs throughout the Grayson formation, but has not been noted elsewhere to the knowledge of the author.


Georgescu, M. D. (2009a). On the origins of Superfamily Heterohelicacea Cushman, 1927 and the polyphyletic nature of planktic foraminifera. Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 41: 107-144. gs

Montanaro Gallitelli, E. (1957). A revision of the foraminiferal family Heterohelicidae. In: Studies in foraminifera; Part 1 - Planktonic foraminifera. In, Loeblich, A. R. , Jr., Tappan, H., Beckmann, J. P., Bolli, H. M., Montanaro Gallitelli, E. & Troelsen, J. C. (eds) Studies in Foraminifera. U.S. National Museum Bulletin . 215: 133-154. gs

Tappan, H. (1940). Foraminifera from the Grayson formation of Northern Texas. Journal of Paleontology. 14(2): 93-126. gs


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