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Igorina isabellae Soldan & Petrizzo 2013

Igorina paraspiralis Soldan, Petrizzo, Premoli Silva, & Cau  2011

Igorina praecarinata Soldan et al. 2011


Citation: Igorina Davidzon, 1976
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globorotalia tadjikistanensis Bykova, 1953

Current identification/main database link: Igorina Davidzon, 1976

Original Description

Test free, bilaterally convex. Equatorial outline round, slightly undulate. Axial outline takes the form of a bilateral cone with variable vertex angles. Chambers on sprial side alate, on umbilical side triangular. Umbilicus small or absent. Aperture a slit at the base of the septal surface of the last chamber. Surface of chambers smooth or almost uniformly covered with small spines. [translation from Ellis & Messina Catalog]

Extra details from original publication
The oldest of the known species of lgorina (I. conicotruncata) has chambers whose umbilical ends are somewhat prolonged, so approaching Morozovella; the presence of spinosity (I. tadjikitanensis) indicates a closeness to Acarinina, while the smooth wall of I. pusilla and I. laevigata indicates closeness to Globorotalia and Planorotalites. However, no tests have the entire set of characters necessary for referral to any of the genera listed. Besides the separate features individually differentiating tests belonging to this genus from other representatives of the family, common specific features are the close appression and alate shape of the chambers, and also the slitlike aperture. Species included:

Geological and geographical distribution: Cosmopolitan in marine Paleocene-Lower Eocene? of all continents.


Davidzon, R. M. (1976). Novyy paleogenovyy rod planktonnykh foraminifer. [A new Paleogene genus of planktonic foraminifera.]. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Nauchno-issledovatel'skogo Geologorazvedochnogo Neftyanogo Instituta (VNIGNI), Tadzhikskoe Otdelenie,. 183: 197-199. gs


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