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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Leupoldina pustulans hexacamerata Verga and Premoli Silva 2002

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Leupoldina pustulans hexacamerata

Citation: Leupoldina pustulans hexacamerata Verga and Premoli Silva 2002
taxonomic rank: sub-species
Type specimens: no. 1867
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Aptian
Type locality: Cismon Core (NE Italy)
Type repository: Milan, Italy; Collection of the Laboratory of Micropaleontology, University of Milan

Current identification/main database link: Leupoldina hexacamerata (Verga and Premoli Silva, 2002)

Original Description

Test medium to large, slightly trochospiral, evolute; 2-2.5 to 3 whorls; 6 chambers in the last whorl increasing gradually and slowly in size, predominantly pyriform in shape throughout; short, radial prolongations, bearing a single subspherical ampulla except the last one or two bifurcate (rarely trifurcate) chambers which bear two or exceptionally three ampullae; these ampullae exhibit different size and grow asymmetrically with respect to the coiling plane; equatorial periphery strongly stellate; sutures radial, depressed, straight; umbilical area shallow and rather large; aperture straddling the periphery as a low asymmetrical arch bordered by a lip. Wall microperforate, nonmuricate.


Verga, D. & Premoli Silva, I. (2002). Early Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the Tethys: the genus Leupoldina. Cretaceous Research. 23: 189-212. gs


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Comments (2)

Le Coze

I think Leupoldina pustulans hexacamerata is enough or maybe you intended to described a new species "dodecacamerata"



Jeremy Young(UK)

A few of these doubled-subspeices names crept in as a result of the way a form was set up - I thought I had taken them all out but evidently not. Let me know if you spot any more.