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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Phanerostomum asperum Ehrenberg 1854

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Phanerostomum asperum

Citation: Phanerostomum asperum Ehrenberg 1854
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Not available
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Cretaceous
Type locality: Not designated
Type repository: Berlin; Humboldt Museum of Natural History

Current identification/main database link: Planohedbergella aspera (Ehrenberg, 1854)

See also: Rotalia aspera ;

Original Description

Phanerostomum asperum, Schreibkreide des Mississippi-Gebietes, Nord-Amerika, T. XXXII. ii. F.42.; Schreibkreide des Missouri-Gebietes, Nord-Amerika, T. XXXII. i. F. 24.; Schreibkreide von der Insel Rügen, Pommern, T. XXX. F. 26. a. b. [text listing on p 23 of the atlas]

Editors' Notes
From Pessagno 1967 (p274, 275): 
When Ehrenberg (1854, p. 23) figured Phanerostomum asperum, he failed to designate both a definite type locality and a type depository. His figured specimens are from America (pl.32/i fig. 24, Missouri Territory; pl.32/ii fig. 42, Mississippi Territory) and from Europe (Insel Rugen. Deutschland, pl.30 figs. 26a-b).
Dr. William A. Berggren (WHOI) informed the writer that Ehrenberg's types for Phanerostomum asperum are deposited at the Humboldt Museum in East Berlin. To stabilise the taxonomic problems centering around P. aspera Ehrenberg, the syntypic specimen represented by plate 30, figure 26a, b is designated lectotype. Ehrenberg definitely showed a planispiral form with an equatorial aperture in his illustrations of this syntypic individual.

Rotalia aspera Ehrenberg (1851) cannot be placed with any certainty in Globigerinelloides. Ehrenberg only showed side views of Rotalia aspera in all of his figures. From his illustrations it is impossible to be certain whether his specimens, represent planispiral individuals assignable to Globigerinelloides or trochospiral individuals, assignable to Hedbergella or Archaeoglobigerina.


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1854). Mikrogeologie: Das Erden und Felsen schaffende Wirken des unsichtbar kleinen selbständigen Lebens auf der Erde. Leopold Voss, Leipzig. 1-374. gs

Pessagno, E. A. (1967). Upper Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the western Gulf Coastal Plain. Palaeontographica Americana. 5: 245-445. gs O


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