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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Pseudohastigerina sphaeroidalis Hillebrandt 1978

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Pseudohastigerina sphaeroidalis

Citation: Pseudohastigerina sphaeroidalis Hillebrandt 1978
taxonomic rank: Species

Current identification/main database link: Pseudoglobigerinella bolivariana (Petters 1954)

Original Description

"Recently, Mr. M. Meijer (Petrofina, Brussels) kindly called my attention to the fact that Pseudohatigerina globulosa v. Hillebrandt, 1976 has already been used for another taxon belonging to the genus Pseudohastigerina, Gohrbandt (1967, Micropaleontology, vol. 13, no. 3, p.321, pl. , figs 16, 17) designated a subspecies of Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis and called Globanomalina wilcoxensis globulosa. The genus name Globanomalina of this species has to be replaced by Pseudohastigerina. The type species of Globanomalina (G. ovalis Haque. 1956) is a transitional form between the genus Globorotalia (trochospiral!) ans the genus Pseudohastigerina (planispiral!) (vide v. Hillebrandt, 1976, Rev. Española Micropal., vol. 8, no. 3, p. 336), whilst the subspecies designated Gohrbandt (loc. Cit) is a form completely planispirally built. Since Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis globulosa (Gohrbandt) [Globanomalina wilcoxensis (Cushman and Ponton) subsp. Globulosa, 1967] and Pseudohastigerina globulosa v. Hillebrandt, 1976 are different species Pseudohastigerina globulosa v. Hillebrandt, 1976 is a secondary homonym. As a new specific name I proposed Pseudohastigerina spheroidalis nom. Nov. After Mr. Meijer identical forms occur in the Kwanza Basin of Angola (Equatorial Western Africa) in apparently the same biostratigraphic horizon. He identified in the same (subsurface) sample: Globorotaria caucasica, G. palmerae, G. pentacamerata and forms near to Globigerina inaequispira. This association indeed suggests a planktonic biostratigraphic horizon similar to that recorded from southeastern Spain."

Editors' Notes
original combination not double checked


Hillebrandt, A. , von (1978). Pseudohastigerina sphaeroidalis nom. nov. for Pseudohastigerina globulosa v. Hillebrandt, 1976 non Pseudohastigerina wilcoxensis globulosa (Gohrbrandt, 1967). Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 10(2): 337-. gs


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