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Pseudotextularia varians textulariformis

Citation: Pseudotextularia varians textulariformis White 1929
taxonomic rank: sub-species
Type specimens: Plate 4, fig. 17; No. 19921; desc p.41
Type age (chronostrat): Late Cretaceous
Type locality: Tampico Embayment, NE Mexico, locality No. 3 -2.2km east of Guerrero, Mendez
Type repository: Columbia University Paleo. Coll.

Current identification/main database link: Pseudotextularia intermedia De Klasz 1953

Original Description

This is the variety which is first to be developed from Guembelina elegans, the characteristics of which it retains in its early portion, the later portion becoming multiserial but still retaining its ancestral shape; apertures unobserved.

Length of type specimen, 0.7 mm.; width, 0.6 mm.; thickness, 0.3 mm.

Extra details from original publication

This variety of the species is abundant throughout the Mendez, with a greater number, compared with the two other varieties, in the basal portion


White, M. P. (1929). Some Index Foraminifera of the Tampico Embayment Area of Mexico. Part III. Journal of Paleontology. 3(1): 30-58. gs


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Comments (2)

Le Coze

Pb of priority. If Pseudotextularia varians textulariformis White 1929 and Pseudotextularia intermedia De Klasz 1953 are synonyms then White's species has the priority.

Jeremy Young(UK)

a taxonomic question, I will forward this to Brian