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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Pylodexia uvula Ehrenberg 1862

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Pylodexia uvula

Citation: Pylodexia uvula Ehrenberg 1862
taxonomic rank: species
Type sample (& lithostrat): Hellgrauer, weisslicher Schlamm.
Type age (chronostrat): Recent.
Type locality: E fundo groenlandico 6000' alto, lat. 62°40'N., long. 29° W., Tiefgrund der Davis-Strasse.
Type repository: Depository not given.

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinita uvula (Ehrenberg, 1862)

Original Description

Aristerospira laeviuscula elongata, cellulis majoribus, parietibus tenuibus integris, apertura ampla centro adversa.

Cellulis 12 1/ 18 longa, prima 1/192, ambitu primo 1/60'" fere . Visceribus fuscis tota repleta.

Editors' Notes
The paper describing the species was published in a proceedings volume for the year 1861  but the actual publication date was 1862.

Lectotype designation - by Brummer & Kucera 2022
The specimen of G. uvula, which was illustrated by Ehrenberg (1873), is preserved at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. The sheet with the original drawing contains infor- mation that facilitated the identification of the drawn specimen in one of Ehrenberg’s mica mounts (Ehrenberg mounted samples of deep-sea sediment akin to smear slides in Canada Balsam on thin mica sheets and indicated the position of pictured specimens by small coloured paper rings stuck on the mount). Following recommendations by the Code, this specimen (Fig. 4) can be considered syntypic and is here designated as the type (lectotype), analogous to the designation of the lectotype of N. pachyderma by Darling et al. (2006). The species has been often referred to as Globigerinita bradyi (Wiesner, 1931), which is a junior synonym (Parker, 1962; Saito et al., 1981).


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