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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Rugoglobigerina jerseyensis Olsson 1960

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Rugoglobigerina jerseyensis

Citation: Rugoglobigerina jerseyensis Olsson 1960
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: 626473
Type age (chronostrat): Maastrichtian
Type locality: from one mile west of the Highlands, NJ, railroad station, at the base of Atlantic Highlands bluff on the south side of the road parallel to Bay Ave., at Highlands, east-central NJ.
Type repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-626473

Current identification/main database link: Globotruncanella petaloidea (Gandolfi, 1955)

Original Description

"Low trochospiral, compressed, spiral side slightly convex, umbilical side somewhat concave. Equatorial periphery strongly lobate, elongate. Axial periphery rounded to subacute. Wall calcareous, perforate, spinose; the earlier chambers rugose, produced peripherally into spinelike extensions, the last few chambers more evenly spinose, the ultimate chamber very lightly so or smooth. Chambers ovate, about 12 arranged in 2.5 - 3 whorls. The 4 chambers of the final whorl increase rapidly in size, the last 2 make up about 2/3 of the test. Sutures, spiral side slightly curved, depressed. Umbilical side radial, depressed. Umbilicus small, shallow. Aperture, primary apertures interiomarginal, umbilical, covered by tegilla which extend over the umbilicus, and with accessory infralaminal apertures. Coiling dominantly dextral. Largest diameter 0.30 mm to 0.35 mm up to 0.45 mm"


Olsson, R. K. (1960). Foraminifera of late Cretaceous and earliest Tertiary age in the New Jersey Coastal Plain. Journal of Paleontology. 34(1): 1-58. gs


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