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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Theocampe bassilis Foreman 1968

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Theocampe bassilis

Citation: Theocampe bassilis Foreman 1968
taxonomic rank: species
Described on page(s) : p.50
Type specimens: pl.6, fig.10
Type age (chronostrat): Late Maestrichtian, Late Cretaceous, Mesozoic.
Type locality: LL10; LL460; LL461
Type repository: Holotype. USNM 157983, M38/4 U.S. National Museum, Washington, D.C.
Repository city: Washington

Current identification/main database link: Siphocampe bassilis (Foreman) Sanfilippo and Riedel 1985

Original Description

Shell of three segments, thin, hyaline; cephalis and thorax together conical; abdomen long, subcylindrical. Both thorax and abdomen elliptical in transverse section with largest dimension in sagittal plane. Cephalis bears a horizontal tube and in most specimens a tiny apical horn; pores sparse, small, circular. Internally, weak paired ridges extend from apical spine to sides of vertical spine. A dorsal branch from the apical spine, just below the apex, extends to the cephalic wall. There are six collar pores and an additional pair of pores ventrally to them on the lower wall of the tube. Axial spines, possibly five in number, are very variable in size, some extend into the abdomen (longest 70µ). Thorax with minute nodes and rarely ridges over all; circular pores widely spaced, those above lumbar stricture forming a transverse row. Lumbar stricture well-defined, externally by a change in contour and internally by a distinct shelf. Abdomen with subcircular to subquadrangular pores, generally with prongs on their margin, in up to ten, perhaps more, transverse rows; the first immediately below the lumbar stricture. Rows approximately evenly spaced, except distally where the shell thins, constricts slightly, and rows are more closely spaced. Distal margin smooth.

Length of cephalis 20-3µ, of thorax 25-30µ, of longest broken abdomen 135µ: of one complete abdomen 125µ; width in sagittal plane of thorax 52-60µ, of abdomen 58-70µ; lateral width of thorax 45-58µ, of abdomen 45-60µ. Dimensions based on ten specimens.

No information given

Extra details from original publication
Distinguishing features: This species differs from T. lispa by the shape of the abdomen and the prongs on the margin of the abdominal pores, and from T. daseia as described under that species.


Foreman, H. P. (1968). Upper Maestrichtian Radiolaria of California. Special Papers in Palaeontology. 3: 1-82. gs


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