Biogeography - mapping of Holocene Planktonic Foraminifera using the ForCenS Database

ForCenS is a database of 4205 assemblage counts of planktonic foraminifera >150µm in Holocene sediment samples compiled by Siccha & Kucera (2017). The database is available for download from Pangaea and is fully documented by Siccha & Kucera (2017). This interface plots data from the database onto a world map to provide an overview of the biogeography of the species. The data in the database is the frequency/relative abundance of each taxon within the planktonic foram assemblage. The original data comes from a wide range of published studies (including CLIMAP, MARGO BUFD and ARL947), it was taxonomically harmonised, dereplicated and treated for numerical and other inconsistencies. Samples with only partial assemblage counts or suspect data were eliminated, see Siccha & Kucera (2017) for full details. The taxonomy employed is the same as that documented on mikrotax, but with some additional categories (e.g. for coiling direction of some species).


Siccha, M. & Kucera, M. (2017). ForCenS, a curated database of planktonic foraminifera census counts in marine surface sediment samples. Scientific Data. 4(1): 1-12.

Range chart plot

Taxon to plot:scale: basemap:

Taxon plotted: Turborotalita_quinqueloba - mikrotax link Turborotalita quinqueloba . NB This is a small species (typically <150µm) and so is under-represented in the database

Alternative plots - Neptune biogeography plot :: space-time plot ::

Basemap produced using GPlates2.1, colour indicates water depth, dark blue areas are typically below the CCD. Mollweide projection centered on 100°E, 30° spacing of lines of latitude and longitude.
Symbols: Grey circles - samples with no specimens recorded. Red circles - samples with recorded specimens. Smallest red circles - frequency <1%, all the same size. Larger red circles - area is proportional to frequency. Hover over symbol for caption (sample reference and species frequency). NB Samples from studies where the taxon was not recorded are given n/a records in the ForCers database and are not plotted.