Biogeography - mapping of Neptune Occurrences

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Fossil Group: Taxon to plot:
Age min: Age max:
Species threshold: Age anomaly threshold:
Taxon plotted: Phormocyrtis sp. Alternative plots - Triton database :: ForCens database

Basemap is plate-reconstruction from -0Ma ("Holocene"), produced using GPlates2.1. Flat blue colour indicates subducted ocean crust, and so areas from which fossil assemblages cannot be recovered.
The palaeolatitudes and longitudes of the sites were calculated separately and there are some discrepancies.
Symbols - all sites with samples in the time interval are plotted as circles, the opacity of the red fill is proportional to % of samples with the taxon. Hover over symbol for caption.

List of sites with samples in the age/latitude bin.
samples - number of samples at the site in the age interval; ocs - number of these samples with the taxon; %freq = ocs/samples*100.
List is sorted by paleolatitude:
nhole leg site p_lat p_long samples ocs %freq

The table below lists all occurrence records that meet the search criteria.
The Leg entries are linked to the contents pages for the DSDP/ODP scientific results volume for the Leg. This is the most likely source of the data, except for the most recent legs where resuts may have been published in regular scientific journals - see also source ref.
ab - abundance of the taxon inthe sample; p-lat & p-long - paleolatitude and paleolongitude
N species - number of speices in sample; anomaly score - proportion of taxa which are within range.
nLeg source ref Hole core section cm depth ab sample age p-lat p-long flag N species anomaly score original_id taxon