Occurrence data from Neptune plotted in space and time

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Age anomaly threshold: exclude samples with anomaly score below this (approx equiv to proportion of non-anomalous taxa - e.g score of 0.7 means 70% of taxa recorded in sample are inside their expected range)
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Taxon plotted: Siphocampe quadrataSELECT FLOOR(sample_age_ma/:agebin)*:agebin AS age_bin, FLOOR(`paleo_latitude`/:latbin)*:latbin AS lat_bin, COUNT(DISTINCT nepsample.sample_id) AS taxon_ocs FROM nepsample left join nepsampletaxa ON nepsample.`sample_id` = `nepsampletaxa`.`sample_id` left join neptaxaR ON `nepsampletaxa`.`taxon_id`= neptaxaR.`taxon_id` WHERE nepsample.fossil_group=:group AND `mtax_name` LIKE :search AND sample_age_ma >:agetop AND sample_age_ma <:agebase AND species_count >:min_sp_count AND anomaly_score > :min_anomaly_score AND `paleo_latitude` is not null AND taxon_abundance !='0' AND taxon_abundance !='0.' GROUP BY age_bin, lat_bin ORDER BY age_bin