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  • This searches for taxon names as used on the site.
  • The "Search Term" only needs to be a fragment of the name - eg "pseudoumb" will match pseudoumbilicus
  • If you use full names then similar-sounding names will be returned (soundex search), this corrects for typos but occasionally produces strange results.
  • Searching is not case-sensitive
  • Alternate gender endings are searched (e.g magnus, magnum, magna)
  • If you use the searchbox on a taxon page then you will come to this page UNLESS there is only one result for your search in the module you are using (excluding synonyms).
  • Advanced search provides many extra ways to search.
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Coccolithophore crystal chemistry: polysaccharides and beyond
Jessica Walker, May 16th 2022 at 14:00 UTC abstract

Nannotalks is a series of online lectures organised for the INA by Baptiste Sucheras-Marx, Diego Felipe Vallejo, Clara Bolton and Alicia Kahn
To see the talk just go to the YouTube channel at the right time, or check the INA Facebook page for links