Time Control

The age-window is currently set to: top=0Ma base=800Ma with normal taxa sorting

Choose the time period you want to focus on

Or, select top and bottom chronostrat units

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Or, enter a precise age range (in millions of years):

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What does this do?

Our system contains taxa from a wide range of geological time. So, if you are specifically interested in one time period - e.g. the present day, or Paleocene, or Early Cretaceous - then it will be easier if it is clear which taxa are present in that time interval. To do this, you can set an age-window using the tools above. NB We now have a nice graphical selector (background image from TimeScaleCreator), but I have left the other selectors on since they give more precise time selection. Note that if you use the selectors in the box the result is reflected by the graphical sliders.

When an age-window is set

Other Preferences

Filenames: Do you want to display file names below images?
Sorting: Do you want to display granddaughter taxa that occur within the time control age-window at the top of lists?
Print mode: Do you want to display pages in a format more suitable for printing?
Number of taxa per page for catalog pages :
Number of images per table row (default 4):
NB The left hand options are the recommended defaults.

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